Its Wednesday and My Yearly Paula White Rant!


It’s a cold rainy Wednesday today in beautiful Corfu Greece. As much as I despise the rain it’s good to get a day off. Today could be the day my Toshiba returns from the shop but I’m not holding my breath!

Tonight at 10pm eastern I will be joining Michael Loomis on The Antithesis Hour. Despite our vast theological differences I really do enjoy doing the program. You can listen live on or download it from either of our sites on Thursday morning.

Now for my yearly Paula White rant:-) Continue reading

“Linda” Saw The Light!!!

Every now and then I receive a comment that is just too darn good to be buried in the comments section of a particular posting. This comment was left in the “Contact Me” section of the site and I must say this lady has sure seen the light……


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Big Religion and Bishop Eddie Long

It’s a dark rainy Wednesday on the Island of Corfu. I’m sitting in my usual spot at the most beautiful Starbucks in the world watching it rain. For a tennis pro rain means no work (unless you have indoor courts) so it’s another day off around here.

I just spent the last 5 minutes or so watching an interview with one of Bishop Eddie Long’s alleged victims and it’s riveting. You can see the video here. If that young man is lying Continue reading

A Response to Dr. Nasir Siddiki Apologist Greg Bornstein

I receive quite a few comments here at Theology Today. I would have to say that 99% of those comments I publish and every once in a while a comment comes in that’s just too good to let wind up in a thread and needs to be highlighted and of course responded to. You can click on the image of the screenshot and after the jump you can read Mr. Greg Bornstein’s comment in defense of Dr. Nasir Siddiki as well as my response to him. Continue reading

Is Dr. Nasir Siddiki a Hireling? I Think So.


This blog is nearly two years old and during this time we’ve spotlighted dozens upon dozen of heresies and the heretics that promote them. I’ve used the word hireling often when describing these people. As I will demonstrate in the following article Dr. Nasir Siddiki is the very definition of a hireling. Continue reading