Ten Lessons From the Book of Job

I try and read at least one Old Testament book per week. Sometimes I succeed-sometimes I fail but I really do try.

This past week I read the Book of Job. It’s not the first time I’ve read it-these are the ten lessons I learned from Job this week.

1). Folks who call Satan names need to have his or her head examined. While Satan is a defeated foe that defeat doesn’t happen until the end. Until then he’s alive and causing trouble.

2). Satan needs permission from God to wreak havoc in the believer’s life so please be careful who you attribute trials and tribulations to.

3). God can use anyone, even Satan himself, to bring glory to Himself. That’s true power.

4). God will never give a child of his more than he can handle…..and not matter what the circumstance He is worthy to be praised.

5). No matter what the trial or tribulation a true believer will never blame God and will always look inward first.

6). God doesn’t have to answer to anyone for what He does or doesn’t do.

7). Choose your friends wisely. When Job needed comfort all he got was criticism. When Job needed love what he got was a lecture.

8). Our responsibility to worship honor and obey God doesn’t stop when life isn’t going our way.

9). God is Sovereign and in complete control.

10). All true wisdom comes from above

What have you learned from the Book of Job?

On this weeks Calvin’s Corner I share my list of things I’m looking for in a Pastor with my co-host Pastor Michael Newnham.


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Trust in God and Fear Not!

If there was one thing King David understood it was fear. In his early days as a shepherd he was probably confronted with all types of scary things. In his middle years fought wars and enough enemies to make any man fearful. His later years were filled with betrayel by family members who wanted to kill him.

To say this man knew a thing or two about fear would be an understatement.

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The Power of Positive Confession?

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