It’s Wednesday!!!

It’s a windy blustery Wednesday morning in beautiful Corfu Greece. I don’t believe anyone will be wearing shorts on the tennis court today. Well, at least they won’t be during the morning session. At least it isn’t raining. We have that to look forward to on Thursday and Friday. Continue reading


Suicide is Painless????

Yesterday I was informed via email that a relative had “passed away suddenly”. Since he was the same age as me I called home to inquire as to the cause of his death. The song below answers my question.

“Passed away suddenly” sounds much better than “he hung himself in his garage”, doesn’t it? Continue reading

CTMI EXPOSED PART 2: Catriona’s Testimony

Today I continue with the expose “CTMI Exposed” with a powerful testimony from a lady who was abused and manipulated by CTMI affiliate “Centre Chretien Team” and leader Jean-Claude Lajeunesse.  After the jump read “Catriona’s” chilling testimony……(source) Continue reading