The Essentials of Christianity and the Creeds

This week Pastor Michael Newnham and I answer some mail from the listening audience and the look at how the essentials of Christianity can be found in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

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New Podcast Available!

On this week’s podcast I discuss Titus 3:1-2 as I continue to examine the “how” we are to expose and correct error.

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Show notes

Robert Begnaud

The link above should adequately demonstrate that he “approached” me and not what he claims.

Roderick Edwards

Tim Smith’s “Repentance”

Phil Perkins articles referring to me

Music Credits

“Back to the Future Theme” by The Outatime Orchestra

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Answering The Mail

Because of last weeks posting and the subsequent comments I have received many questions from the readers. The main questions on plenty of people’s minds are these two;

“Why is it a sin to attend a seminary that teaches heresy”?

“Am I sinning for attending a secular university”?

I answered the first question, or at least I tried to, on this weeks podcast but today I’ll attempt to expand upon it. Please see the following text and pay special attention to the emphasis I have added. Continue reading

How do you Study to Show Yourself Approved?


Recently Theology Today began examining the subject of eschatology. There are various opinions being presented on that particular thread and I’ve been asked by a reader who knows little about this topic the following question;


How did they arrive at the conclusions they have reached? Here’s the link; Continue reading