Remembering Ken Silva, Smith Family Lawsuits and Leaving Left Behind

Calvins Corner LogoOn this edition of Calvin’s Corner Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens talk New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings football, the lawsuit filed by family members of the late Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith, the passing of Apprising Ministries founder Ken Silva, what the guys think of the “Left Behind” series of books and movies and Ephesians 2:1-10.


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Who Was John Calvin?

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast, Pastor Michael Newnham and I begin our series on Calvinism. Todays topic is Who Was John Calvin?

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Slandering John Calvin…..and Other Men of God!

I’ve been spending a great deal of time these last couple of weeks preparing for the Calvinism series with Pastor Michael Newnham. It’s been an interesting and rewarding time reconnecting and re-learning about the life of a man many simply referred to as “The Theologian”.

John Calvin was a man who was loved, admired, revered and respected by Theologians from across the Theological board.

John Calvin was passionate about the Doctrine of Predestination. There were those who felt this doctrine was of the devil and vehemently opposed Calvin.

Some took their opposition of Calvin and Predestination too far and rather than going back to the theological drawing board began a smear campaign designed to impugn the character of this great man of God.

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Pastor Doyle Davidson is a Slandering Racist Pig!

I’ve been waiting to make this public for a very long time but I honored my friends wishes, and quietly fumed regarding libelous public statements directed at her by a drunken, racist homophobic man claiming to be a pastor named Doyle Davidson. My friends name is Ms. Isabel Nalley, a former parishioner of Water of Life Church located in Plano Texas.

Please listen to this disgusting 4 minute clip and after the jump I’m gonna hammer this drunken homophobic racist wolf Theology Today style…..

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A Response to Roderick Edwards UPDATE 12/11/2009

I was going to post this on the site where the comment was directed towards me but because of the length, and the likelihood that it would be deleted I decided to post it here. The comment can be read in its entirety here. Continue reading

Should Christians Take Others To Court?

We all know 1Corinthians 6 tells us we shouldn’t take other Christians to court. I understand the principle behind Paul’s instruction here. It makes us look foolish before the world when professing Christians can’t handle their disputes amongst each other in a godly manner. Continue reading