Calvin’s Corner #9: Is Good Health a Promise of Salvation?

Calvins Corner LogoWas Martin Luther an Anti-Semite? Is good health part of Salvation? Hell, Sheep, Goats, Works and Fantasy Football on this weeks Calvin’s Corner with Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens


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Pastor Paula White is Suing Former Associate For Sheep Stealing!

There is a weird story coming out of Tampa Florida involving Without Walls International Church and one of their former Pastors.

Paula White is allegedly suing someone for “sheep stealing”.


Yep, that’s what’s happening down in our favorite Lady Pastor’s world these days.

There are other allegations against former Pastor Randy L. Coggins. Coggins, who now goes by the title ‘bishop’, had this to say in regards to this entire silly situation; Continue reading

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

On today’s episode of the Theology Today Podcast I attempt to describe what a wolf in sheep’s clothing is and how to get rid of one when someone like this enters your ministry.  Right click the link below and select “save as” to download the program to a portable device or simply double click the link to listen from an on site audio player.

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Roderick Edwards: A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

We, at least Boyd and I, talk a LOT about money hungry thieving pimps pretending to be “ministers” hawking their wares like vendors at a circus. Most if not all of these thieving pimps would NEVER give ANYTHING away for free. Roderick Edwards has seemingly fallen in line with the lying thieving pimps, attacking the character of a man who has done the opposite of what the pimps do and exactly what Jesus commanded His disciples to do; Continue reading