Separate From John Piper? Let’s Wait and See

I suppose this isn’t news but for those of you who are wiser then me and rarely if ever pay attention to some of the bigger “discernment ministries”, Pastor John Piper has invited Pastor Rick Warren to speak at his annual Desiring God National Conference (source).

How dare John Piper do such a thing” seems to be the common theme emanating from these folks keyboards……..and some are calling for their followers to separate from Piper to the point of not buying his books or listening to his messages!

That seems a bit harsh don’t you think? Continue reading

Christmas on a Friday is Bad For Business

I like Easter. If there is one holiday I look forward to Easter would be the one. It’s always on Sunday, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours wracking your brain looking for that special gift and the sports page actually contains sports and not ads from Circuit City. Easter is a beautiful holiday and in light of what’s happening with Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church; Easter is not as costly as having Christmas on a Friday! (source) Continue reading

14 Signs that the Person you’re Talking to has Terrible Theology

Guest blogger Patrick Durkee has submitted this entry for discussion. Patrick is a US Air Force Chaplain and operates the website Continue reading