Cyber Stalker Alert!!!! Roderick Edwards

Cyber Stalker Roderick Edwards of Whiteland Indiana

Roderick is stalking folks once again but this time he’s gone too far. As I stated on this podcast the only way to stop these types of  individuals is to report them to their local authorities. This was done this morning.

Edwards has a lengthy history of such anti-social behavior and as recently as this week has stalked and spammed my friends at Reign of Christ and Michael Loomis. Prior to that he stalked and spammed Dee Dee Warren as well as many others. Continue reading

New Podcast Available!

On this week’s podcast I discuss Titus 3:1-2 as I continue to examine the “how” we are to expose and correct error.

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Show notes

Robert Begnaud

The link above should adequately demonstrate that he “approached” me and not what he claims.

Roderick Edwards

Tim Smith’s “Repentance”

Phil Perkins articles referring to me

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My mom use to tell me lots of things. When I was a kid I use to say the word “never” quite a bit. Anytime I would  say the word “never” around her she would always say “never say never” son. I would still keep on chirping that tune and the funny thing is I usually, at some point in my life, wound up doing the never I said I wouldn’t do. Continue reading

Does The Bible Lead To Hyper Preterism?????

Does the Bible, when consistently applied lead to Hyper Preterism? According to Roderick Edwards it does. Please join me as I discuss this latest development in this incredible story!

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The Bible Leads To Hyper Preterism

This article from yesterday is a MUST READ as it is the basis for this short audio!


Dr. Kenneth Talbot has agreed to publically debate Mr. Roderick Edwards for misrepresenting the Reformed doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” and replacing it with the doctrine of “Sola Ecclesia” which is revealed in his written mantra of “2000 years of church history cannot be wrong.” Just like the Roman Catholic Church in the time of the Reformation who challenged the Reformers with chanting the same mantra as Edwards, “1500 years of church history cannot be wrong.” Dr. Talbot will oppose the system of theology held by Mr. Edwards who has taken up the cause of Rome in propagating a false doctrine and promoting the cause of an apostate religion.

Thus we have a debate like unto Luther or Calvin (Talbot) and Eck & Rome (Edwards). Below are the affirmations of the two candidates.

For all the details please see the following links;

The Role of The Christian Apologist

The last 10 days or so have been interesting, haven’t they? It’s amazing to me the lengths some of these so called and self appointed “discernment ministries” will go to when they have an agenda. Recently two misguided souls and one unaccountable “ministry” has decided to accuse me of “endorsing” Kenneth Copeland with a statement I made about Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Paula White. The statement?

I stated these folks are true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Answering The Modern Day Pharisees

On today’s podcast;

Roderick "The White Dwarf" Edwards

I address this article by Roderick Edwards;

And the misrepresentations created by Edwards and The Pilgrim;