Calvin’s Corner #9: Is Good Health a Promise of Salvation?

Calvins Corner LogoWas Martin Luther an Anti-Semite? Is good health part of Salvation? Hell, Sheep, Goats, Works and Fantasy Football on this weeks Calvin’s Corner with Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens


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Its Wednesday and My Yearly Paula White Rant!


It’s a cold rainy Wednesday today in beautiful Corfu Greece. As much as I despise the rain it’s good to get a day off. Today could be the day my Toshiba returns from the shop but I’m not holding my breath!

Tonight at 10pm eastern I will be joining Michael Loomis on The Antithesis Hour. Despite our vast theological differences I really do enjoy doing the program. You can listen live on or download it from either of our sites on Thursday morning.

Now for my yearly Paula White rant:-) Continue reading

Camouflaged as Christians by Boyd Miller

A camouflage Christian is someone who uses Christianity as a method or vehicle to gain power and money.”

I have argued for years with WOFers, primarily the misuse of scripture this movement employs, with little effect, so let me try some simple logic.

The central premise of the faith movement is; to demonstrate your “faith” to God, you must give to the “camouflage Christian” till it hurts and by doing so, God will reward your faith by restoring and increasing your wealth.

The “camouflage  Christian”, as your example, has laid down their worldly desires and the success they could have had to become your servant of this message from God and are proving their “faith” in this system by living large on your money.

In the secular world this scheme is illegal, ask Bernard Madoff?

A Response to Dr. Nasir Siddiki Apologist Greg Bornstein

I receive quite a few comments here at Theology Today. I would have to say that 99% of those comments I publish and every once in a while a comment comes in that’s just too good to let wind up in a thread and needs to be highlighted and of course responded to. You can click on the image of the screenshot and after the jump you can read Mr. Greg Bornstein’s comment in defense of Dr. Nasir Siddiki as well as my response to him. Continue reading

“Facelift’s” Horrible Hermenuetic

I said a couple weeks ago that the bible may have been written for us but it wasn’t written to us…..and I took some heat for it. I’ve also decided to use stronger rhetoric and I took some heat for that also…Two days ago I discovered by accident a blog that linked my work that proved both of my complaints were legitimate and I couldn’t be happier; Continue reading

It’s a Salutation Silly!

Sometimes the things people fall for amaze me….particularly the folks who adhere to the “prosperity gospel. I’ve been what I generously consider “debating” the merits of the “prosperity gospel” with a severally deluded dude who honestly believes that 3John 2 is “God’s master plan for our lives”……

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The Cluelessness of Chee



Yesterday I was commenting on one of the “prosperity gospel” blogs when the owner….a dude named Chee…. responded to my assertion that the Apostles were poor with this insightful gem “The idea of poor Apostles is a religious invention. The Bible has made it clear that Jesus died poor to make us rich. If the Apostles were poor, we can throw away the Bible because it is a lie.”

Now, let’s see what my bible says about the Apostles to see if they were indeed rich….. Continue reading