New Podcast! Dorothy Anderson Returns To Oz!!!

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast I address Dorothy Anderson’s return to Hyper Preterism. In 2008 she began writing articles for this site addressing Hyper Preterism in which she referred to HP as “Oz”. Sadly for her in 2010 she returned to “Oz”. I will be addressing her history here as well as examine some statements she has made since returning to HP.

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dorothy anderson returns to oz

Music from The Wizard of Oz Soundtrack

Dorothy’s return to Oz statement can be read in its entirety here.

Correction: Yannick Noah won the French Open in 1983 and not 1984 as I stated on the podcast. I apologize for the mistake.

The Antithesis Hour 1/19/2011

On this weeks The Antithesis Hour, Michael Loomis and I continue to discuss the resurrection of the dead.

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The Antithesis Hour 1-20-2011

New Podcast! The Antithesis Hour

This weeks What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast is from  The Antithesis Hour  dated January 5, 2011……Michael Loomis is a Full (Hyper) Preterist. I am not. Join us as we discuss our differences on this weeks show!

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New Podcast: An Interview with Chris Date

On today’s podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Chris Date. Chris is the owner of the Theopologetics blog and podcast as well as a guest writer for Preterist Blog. Please join us as we talk about everything from Church attendance to Powerlifting.

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My mom use to tell me lots of things. When I was a kid I use to say the word “never” quite a bit. Anytime I would  say the word “never” around her she would always say “never say never” son. I would still keep on chirping that tune and the funny thing is I usually, at some point in my life, wound up doing the never I said I wouldn’t do. Continue reading

The Dangerous Theological Errors of Hyper Preterism Part 5 Three Blind Men: The Liars of SGP by Dee Dee Warren

Mrs. Dee Dee Warren has been fighting against Hyper Preterism for over ten years. She has written several exegetical articles refuting Hyper Preterism. Today I would like to direct each of you to an article Mrs. Warren has written that fully exposes the darker and disgusting side of Hyper Preterism that is vital to this series. You won’t believe what you are about to read.

Also, while you’re there check out what this Christian apologist and dozens of others have written regarding Hyper Preterism.

Preterist Universalism; Global or Local by Dorothy Anderson

Editors Note: Dorothy Anderson returned to the heresy of Full/Hyper Preterism in 2010.


Today I begin the series on the HP universalist position and I would encourage those to visit the Preterist Archive should they want to see a more thorough undertaking than what I plan on presenting here. My goal here is just to show that a conclusion of all things in AD70 either leads to universalism or a covenantal context. I would like to begin with this thought – which is a foundational thought for a universalist. Continue reading