Book Review: Make Your Own Application (Volume One) by Michael R. Newnham

What started out as a weekly blog post called “TGIF” has turned into a brand new book, Make Your Own Application Volume 1. In a world where authors tend to force ideas upon their readers Pastor and Author Michael R. Newnham actually wants his readers to make their own application.

A writer who wants his readers to think for themselves?

Yep, that’s right sports fans. Newnham wants you to read each of his real life experiences and then make your own application. And that’s just what makes this book so appealing.

Newnham easily and fluidly takes the reader through his daily grind on a search to see if God still speaks to his people and you’ll find his stories about skateboard parks and cats as well as his online encounters both enlightening as well as refreshing.

There’s plenty more I could add to this review but rather then read my high praise I invite you to listen to an interview I conducted with Mr. Newnham that aired on my secular sports radio show. You can access that interview here.

Make Your Own Application can be purchased here.

Disclaimer: Michael R. Newnham gave me this book for free for review purposes and in no way was that free gift given in order to get a favorable review.


It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a sunny Wednesday here in beautiful Corfu Greece. It looks like we’ll be having awesome weather around here for a while. Spring is finally here! That’s good news since most of us here in Corfu are absolutely fed up with rain and other miscellaneous nasty weather.

Folks who’ve actually taken the time to read Rob Bell’s latest book have been chiming in and I must say my friend Michael Newnham has written the best one I’ve seen thus far….and the best line of all;

If you buy the print version, I hope it comes in a “Charmin” edition so you can get some value out of it.

Priceless!!! Continue reading

Phoenix Preacher Hacked

Pastor Michael Newnham and his outstanding website, Phoenix Preacher has been hacked. I don’t believe this is the first time this has happened and we pray for a speedy recovery of the vast amount of data Michael has published over the years. Fortunately Michael has a back-up site he uses for podcasts and such and you can access this site here.

If you get a chance please show your support by signing Michael’s blog and letting him know how valuable his work has been to the Body of Christ.

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