It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a wet Wednesday here in beautiful Corfu Greece. The forecast is light rain for the entire day which means a day off around here. We’ve been hitting it fairly hard the last few days so a day without tennis might be a good thing.

One of my pet peeves is the stealing of another’s intellectual property. I especially don’t like it when it happens to me. Recently the weirdo stalker decided to copy and claim as his own The Antithesis Hour. The reason I left the show was because of the weirdo’s obsession with me. Continue reading


Thank God For Baseball and True Baseball Fans!!!

The 2011 Major League Baseball season began for some teams yesterday. The NY Mets open their season tonight at 7:10pm against the Florida Marlins.

Thank God for baseball!!

True baseball fans can be very passionate about their teams. They wear the caps, jerseys, wave the pennants and can be and are very vocal about their team of choice. True baseball fans blog, do podcasts and many fans participate on forums where they disagree with each other on everything from who is the best ballplayer of all time right down to who serves the best mustard at the ballpark. Continue reading

It’s Wednesday!!!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday here in Corfu Greece. It’s going to be sunny and 70 today. That’s a good thing for us at the Phil Naessens Tennis Academy. Today is a full day with adults and boarding students in the morning and local juniors and boarding students in the afternoon followed by more adult students in the evening!

Nice!!!!!! Continue reading