Church Team Ministries International Exposed: Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap by Keith Brown

Elder Keith Brown joins the What Color is the Sky in Their World team with this piece regarding Church Team Ministries International…..welcome aboard Keith!

Have CTMI made the same mistake as Al Capone? Despite many crimes, the infamous Chicago mobster was eventually arrested and jailed for tax avoidance. 

Today major South African newspapers carried the story of Grace Gospel Church being involved in a deceitful cover up and tax avoidance by fraudulently arranging two sales agreements. You can read the article here.

The seller and neighbours have told us how the story unfolded.

• A desperate to sell owner of a seven acre property in Waterfall Continue reading


Church Team Ministries International and JOY! Magazine

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World Podcast  I’m joined by Mr. Howard Silk and Mr. Keith Brown of the Concerned Parents Group as we discuss Church Team Ministries International and their involvement with Christian media and specifically their involvement with JOY! Magazine.

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Show Notes

Mrs. Erin Georgiou and her false testimony regarding Keith Brown can be found here.


CTMI Exposed: Miki Hardy’s Manipulations!

The topic of this week’s podcast is Church Team Ministries International, the cult from Mauritius. Today I will be playing some clips from a message Apostle Miki Hardy preached on the opening night of a conference held in Mauritius. Hardy sows the seeds of manipulation into these young people’s minds and listen as I demonstrate how Hardy relies on the parents of these young people to assist him in ruining families.

TBN Africa currently hosts a weekly CTMI program. If this outrages you please sign the comments section of this blog or visit the following links;

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CTMI Exposed Miki Hardy’s Manipulations

CTMI EXPOSED PART 2: Catriona’s Testimony

Today I continue with the expose “CTMI Exposed” with a powerful testimony from a lady who was abused and manipulated by CTMI affiliate “Centre Chretien Team” and leader Jean-Claude Lajeunesse.  After the jump read “Catriona’s” chilling testimony……(source) Continue reading

Church Team Ministries International Exposed: Part 1

Today we begin the expose’ of Church Team Ministries International by examining statements made by Mr. Miki Hardy in a two hour interview with Devi Sankaree Govender of the TV show Carte Blanche (online source). This interview was recorded by CTMI and will be the basis for this entire series. Please listen to the 3 minute clip below then after the jump I will test these statements.

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Introduction to the Church Team Ministries International Series

For the past several weeks, the Theology Today Apologetic Ministries Podcast has featured interviews involving people sharing their firsthand experiences with Church Team Ministries International (CTMI), a controversial group from the small country of Mauritius (online source). If you haven’t taken the time to listen to these podcasts I would invite you to do so in order to understand the context of this series. Continue reading