Calvin’s Corner #6: Why Mars Hill Needs to Excommunicate Mark Driscoll

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On this edition of Calvin’s Corner Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens talk Fantasy Football, what Mars Hill should do with their former Pastor Mark Driscoll and answers the questions “What is a Carnal Christian” and “What is the Reformed view of the Charismata plus more Christian talk radio.


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Calvin’s Corner #01: Mark Driscoll, Adrian Peterson, Abuse and Biblical Restoration

Calvins Corner LogoWe’ve all seen the evidence against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll. Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens approach both of these situations involving abuse in a Christian manner including how do we restore Christians caught up in scandalous endeavors.


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Mark Driscoll and the North Pond Hermit

While I was away I didn’t pay much attention to the world of Churchianity. I ignored the TV Preachers. I didn’t pay attention to the various cults that we’ve highlighted here. Basically I did what I said I was going to do. I took a break, worked on syndicating my sports and other radio shows and spent time freelance sports writing.

It was important for me to do this. I needed it and now that I’m refreshed and mostly refocused I’m ready to get back after it.

One thing I did follow was the Mark Driscoll Mars Hill saga. Mainly I followed it through Michael’s blog the Phoenix Preacher. If you’ve never been to his site I suggest you do.

Anyhow, what a mess of a situation they have on their hands. They being the Board of Elders or as they call themselves The Mars Hill Church Board of Advisors and Accountability. I think they should call it the Thrown under the Bus Club because there have been plenty of Elders over the years who have found themselves right underneath the bus.

If you would like to read further you can visit here and I’m sure if you use Google you will find plenty more.

I can’t help thinking about all the people claiming to have been abused by some within that ministry. The Good Book instructs us to feed his sheep not to eat them alive.

I also can’t help but wonder if Driscoll showed the community Jesus. I know he talked about Jesus a LOT but did he show them Jesus? Doesn’t look like it as far as I can tell.

At the end of the day, regardless of how many public relations firms are hired, how many excuses are made or even how this all plays out Mark Driscoll knows what he did and what he didn’t do. More importantly so does the God he claims to serve.

Let’s hope Driscoll does what he’s supposed to do before God decides to makes him do it.

Did any of you catch the story of “The North Pond Hermit”? It’s an incredible tale and something I thought about doing years ago. Not because I was angry or disillusioned or for any other reason but to simply disappear.

Christopher Knight lasted 27 years out in the wilds of Maine by his own choice. He only spoke to one living soul during that entire time and all he said to that person was “hi”.

No heat no light no motor cars and not a single luxury. Plus the guy claims he never once was ill. He says you need other humans for that.

Oh the places I could go with this.

I enjoyed this bit in the article;

 One book Chris never stole was the Bible. “I can’t claim a belief system,” he said. He celebrated no holidays. He meditated now and then but did not pray. With one exception. When the worst of a Maine winter struck, all rules were suspended. “Once you get below negative twenty, you purposely don’t think,” he told me. His eyes went wide and fearful from the memory. “That’s when you do have religion. You do pray. You pray for warmth.”

It’s always that way isn’t it? Only praying when something bad happens or when we want something. Chris Knight gets a pass but The Good Book says we believers are to “pray without ceasing”.

I’m certainly not there yet.

Mark Driscoll and Church Discipline: Is it Biblical or Abusive?

Tonight Pastor Michael Newnham and I discuss the current controversy surrounding Pastor Mark Driscoll in regards to the church discipline practices his church employs.

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Mathew Paul Turners blog and his reporting of the events we discussed tonight can be found at the links below;

Would the Bereans Throw Mark Driscoll Under The Bus?

Mark Driscoll
Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is getting roasted again. Now that his sermon from the Crystal Cathedral has been published the Online Discernment Ministries have been taking apart his 20 minute or so message labeling it, and him a FAILURE (source). You can listen to message by pressing the link below; Continue reading

New Podcast Available

In todays show I discuss Mark Driscoll’s future appearence at the Crystal Cathedral as well as share a tale of deception and deceit on the part of one ODM… won’t want to miss this episode! Right click the link below and select “save as” to download the program to a portable device or simply double click the link to listen from an on site audio player.

Duration: 51:04

Open Blogging Weekend!

Another week has come to a close…..and today is the last day of school for me until October……YIPPEE!

What do you guys think about the Miss California “controversy”? This will be a topic on the next Phil Naessens Show but I would love to know what you think! (source)

Apparently Mark Driscoll will be speaking at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral on June 14th…..of course the watch bloggers are weighing in…..what say you? (source)

That should get you guys going!

Have a great weekend!

Did Mark Driscoll Finally Cross the Line?

Mark Driscoll is an interesting guy. I love his theology but I personally believe he crosses the line sometimes. A reader directed me to this sermon Driscoll preached in Scotland a few weeks ago. Did he cross the line? You be the judge…..

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING AUDIO IS VERY GRAPHIC……,_a_study_of_the_good_bits_from_Song_of_Solomon.aspx

Slice Kicks Pastor John Piper to the Curb

Ingrid Schlueter has decided to kick Reverend John Piper to the curb over Piper’s audacity to invite Pastor Mark Driscoll to speak at Pipers upcoming The Power of Words and the Wonder of God conference. Apparently Mrs. Schlueter doesn’t hold Driscoll’s methods in regards to his language in the same high regard as Piper does forcing her to emphatically state “If Rev. Piper is so lacking in discernment that he can justify this by a “pastor”, I can’t take Rev. Piper seriously any longer”. Continue reading