Slandering John Calvin…..and Other Men of God!

I’ve been spending a great deal of time these last couple of weeks preparing for the Calvinism series with Pastor Michael Newnham. It’s been an interesting and rewarding time reconnecting and re-learning about the life of a man many simply referred to as “The Theologian”.

John Calvin was a man who was loved, admired, revered and respected by Theologians from across the Theological board.

John Calvin was passionate about the Doctrine of Predestination. There were those who felt this doctrine was of the devil and vehemently opposed Calvin.

Some took their opposition of Calvin and Predestination too far and rather than going back to the theological drawing board began a smear campaign designed to impugn the character of this great man of God.

It got nasty my friends. Continue reading


Phil Perkins Strawman!

I didn’t want to write this posting but now I see I have to. I had zero intention of publishing some comments left by Phil Perkins the other day because I didn’t want to publicly name someone I consider a friend a liar. The link to his article regarding me can be found here.

A Straw Man Fallacy is defined as,

The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position.

A  Ad hominem fallacy is defined as,

attacking a person rather than the argument

As you will soon discover Perkins has implemented both of these logical fallacies not only in the cited article above but in at least one other place around the Internet as well. Continue reading

Even Little Kids Know Ergun Caner Should Be Fired From Liberty University!!

Today I had a lesson with one of my local students. He’s a bright, intuitive youngster and he’s always asking questions about various things. This morning he asked me the question “Why are some people stupid” and when I asked him why he emphatically stated;

Because that stupid school didn’t fire that lying man!!!! Continue reading

Ted Haggard Accuser Mike Jones: “I made it all up”!

This is making the rounds and I’m happy to report this news. For those of you that don’t know Ted Haggard encouraged me at a time when I was going to shut this site down. Please see the following link and be advised the language is a bit strong!

Hat Tip to Alan Hawkins!

Update 03/12/2010

If you are here due to a referal from Roderick Edwards please listen to the following podcast or search this site by entering “Roderick Edwards”.

Say It Isn’t So Pastor Ed Young!

Have you ever heard of Pastor Ed Young Jr? For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s the dude who made national attention with his “7 days of sex” sermons directed to married couples. Well, Young is getting a different type of attention these days and I invite you to click the link below and watch the video. Continue reading

Roderick Edwards: A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

We, at least Boyd and I, talk a LOT about money hungry thieving pimps pretending to be “ministers” hawking their wares like vendors at a circus. Most if not all of these thieving pimps would NEVER give ANYTHING away for free. Roderick Edwards has seemingly fallen in line with the lying thieving pimps, attacking the character of a man who has done the opposite of what the pimps do and exactly what Jesus commanded His disciples to do; Continue reading

A Response to Roderick Edwards UPDATE 12/11/2009

I was going to post this on the site where the comment was directed towards me but because of the length, and the likelihood that it would be deleted I decided to post it here. The comment can be read in its entirety here. Continue reading