Remembering Ken Silva, Smith Family Lawsuits and Leaving Left Behind

Calvins Corner LogoOn this edition of Calvin’s Corner Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens talk New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings football, the lawsuit filed by family members of the late Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith, the passing of Apprising Ministries founder Ken Silva, what the guys think of the “Left Behind” series of books and movies and Ephesians 2:1-10.


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Bishop Eddie Long Responds to Lawsuit

Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long has responded to the allegations that he has had inappropriate relationships with at least 4 young men. You can watch part of his statement at the following link.

One thing was made crystal clear. Bishop Long is staying in his pulpit and he ain’t going anywhere. I suspect that will hold true no matter what the outcome of these trials, if they ever get that far, will be.

Please remember when commenting on this incident that Bishop Long is innocent until proven guilty.

Should Christians Take Others To Court?

We all know 1Corinthians 6 tells us we shouldn’t take other Christians to court. I understand the principle behind Paul’s instruction here. It makes us look foolish before the world when professing Christians can’t handle their disputes amongst each other in a godly manner. Continue reading