Is Following Paula White Such a Good Idea?

One of Theology Today’s biggest fans wrote me a short note informing me that Paula White had more followers then I do on Twitter. Apparently that means something to this person……check out Paula White and Larry Huch and you tell me if following Paula White is such a good idea.

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Seven Steps to Better Discernment

I really enjoy operating this site. The other day two false teachers God’s Word exposed were moaning about my site (without the courage to name me) on one of theirs like two puppies who were scolded for peeing on the carpet. They accuse me (and others like me) of “dishonoring God’s work” by holding their “biblical teachings” up to the light of the Word of God. How dare we read our bibles for ourselves to see if their teachings are Scriptural! Today I would like to demonstrate 7 steps to better discernment (I’m sure there are others and feel free to add them in the comments section!) Continue reading

Larry Huch and Paula White are Heretics Part 2

Yesterday I provided a link that shows Larry Huch stating publicly on Paula White Today, that Jesus wasn’t the only begotten Son of God. I didn’t provide my usual commentary because I didn’t want to say something that I would later regret. I must admit that I wasn’t surprised that Huch would believe this; I was shocked that he would say something like this publicly.  Continue reading

Rod Parsley’s Prayer Cloth Service

I remember a time when I believed Rod Parsley was genuinely sincere about preaching the Word of God. This was probably 20 years ago before the TV cameras, fame and fortune corrupted this once promising preacher into a preening posturing blithering idiot who either needs to repent or remain silent. Tonight he will be live on various Christian networks, teaming up with known heretics for his annual prayer cloth service.  Continue reading