New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as King

My first thought after watching this video was “they must be joking”. After watching it again it’s obvious that they weren’t joking.

“Bishop” Eddie Long has now been crowned a king.

I was stunned when I heard the supposedly Jewish fella state “no more a commoner but a King” before the cheering New Birth crowd.

Had the scroll they wrapped around their new “King” been made of Charmin it would have been more appropriate.

What a load of manure.

I don’t know who I felt sorrier for; the dumbstruck crowd who don’t seem to know any better or the four dudes who had the unfortunate task of hoisting up the new “King”, throne and all, on their shoulders.

I wouldn’t want to be in any of their shoes when they meet the real King of King and Lord of Lords.

Hat Tip to BrianD



Modern Day Monarchs?

I’ve previously made the remark that these so called “mand and women of Gawd” are nothing more then Kings and Queens that rule over vast kingdoms. In medieval times, Kings and Queens employed gay psalmists, jesters, sycophants, concubines and ladies in waiting for their amusement and to satisfy their every whim. These Kings would go “On Tour” with their entourages to various places under their control to be worshipped, adored and to collect the heavy taxes they levied, which they called “tributes”. Let’s see just how close these current “kings” resemble the medieval kings and queens from the past. Continue reading