The Results of Senator Grassley’s Probe Are In!!

Senator Charles Grassley

Remember Senator Charles Grassley as his probe into the ministries of Randy and Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Bishop Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar and Ken and Gloria Copeland? The results of this probe are now in and you can read about it here. Continue reading

The Role of The Christian Apologist

The last 10 days or so have been interesting, haven’t they? It’s amazing to me the lengths some of these so called and self appointed “discernment ministries” will go to when they have an agenda. Recently two misguided souls and one unaccountable “ministry” has decided to accuse me of “endorsing” Kenneth Copeland with a statement I made about Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Paula White. The statement?

I stated these folks are true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Answering The Modern Day Pharisees

On today’s podcast;

Roderick "The White Dwarf" Edwards

I address this article by Roderick Edwards;

And the misrepresentations created by Edwards and The Pilgrim;

In Kenneth Copeland They Trust

Kenneth Copeland is a rock star in the Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel crowd. You can watch this man on every Christian TV station worldwide virtually 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He’s amassed a fortune by teaching and preaching messages about wealth, health and healing. He claims to be teaching the Gospel but as you will see it really isn’t the Gospel at all but a false gospel, something the Apostle Paul refers to as a myth (2Timothy 4:4) Continue reading

Warnings For Christian TV?

Last night I watched the movie Elmer Gantry, a movie that has always fascinated me. This movie is a take on the 1927 Sinclair Lewis novel by the same name and stars Burt Lancaster and Jean Simmons. This fictional movie is so prophetic it borders on the ridiculous as much of what was demonstrated in the lives of the main characters we still see in abundance today……(source) Continue reading

Is Kenneth Copeland a True Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ?

On todays show I mention Venus and Serena Williams, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer as well as Mike and Bob Bryan.

I mention the deaths of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Karl Mauldon.

In part 2 I talk about how lucky anyone is to be living in America as opposed to anywhere else.

In part 3 I talk about the resignation of Coram Deo and demonstrate how Kenneth Copeland is a true believer as well as challenging an anonymous blogger to back up his statements……

“The Desert Pastor” claiming to have ministered in “several hundred churches in the USA and abroad”

Coram Deo’s resignation;

“The Desert Pastor” claiming Kenneth Copeland isn’t a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ;

Am I the Only One That Thinks Kenneth Copeland is a Heretic?

We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Lisa B attempt to defend Kenneth Copeland Ministries and his teachings about the atonement. I had been planning on posting some quotes Copeland has made over the years and now is as good a time as any to do this! I’ll post them up here and to demonstrate that I’m not the only one who thinks Copeland’s teachings are heretical….I’LL LET YOU GUYS BREAK THESE QUOTES DOWN BIBLICALLY. Have fun kids!! Continue reading

Modern Day Monarchs?

I’ve previously made the remark that these so called “mand and women of Gawd” are nothing more then Kings and Queens that rule over vast kingdoms. In medieval times, Kings and Queens employed gay psalmists, jesters, sycophants, concubines and ladies in waiting for their amusement and to satisfy their every whim. These Kings would go “On Tour” with their entourages to various places under their control to be worshipped, adored and to collect the heavy taxes they levied, which they called “tributes”. Let’s see just how close these current “kings” resemble the medieval kings and queens from the past. Continue reading