It’s Wednesday!! A Tale of Two Joe’s

It’s a gloomy Wednesday morning here in usually beautiful Corfu Greece. I think it’s going to rain today and I really don’t care if it does.

Joe Frazier died on Monday which made me sad. I still remember watching the “Thrilla in Manilla” and had his corner not thrown in the towel he would have won that legendary fight with Cassius Clay. (source)

I’m sure Joe Paterno is wishing he were dead after his longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky was indicted and charged with over forty counts of felony child abuse. (online video)

What makes matters worse is that Paterno was informed by another assistant that he witnessed Sandusky in a compromising position in the Penn State locker room showers with a naked 10 year old boy.

One Joe loved children and the other one didn’t love them enough to protect them from an alleged pedophile. Continue reading


The Thrilla in Manilla…

There is a new episode of the Phil Naessens Show now available.