Who Do You Say That I Am?

Tonight Pastor Michael Newnham and I open up the program with our opinion regarding Elephant Room 2 and then move on to more important matters, beginning with our series on the essentials of Christianity.

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My Faith is in Christ and not Harold Camping……or in ANYONE Else!!

Harold Camping didn’t apologize for his false predictions…..and rather than taking responsibility for his bogus claims is now stating that the judgment he predicted would occur on May 21, 2011 actually did occur and that it was a spiritual judgment and everything else will occur on October 21, 2011.

It’s business as usual for the folks at Family Life Radio….

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The Shrinking New Testament by Boyd Miller

As the charismatic madness has swept the world and infected all the churches, the New Testament has shrunk to only 22 books. Today’s church worshippers begin with the book of Acts and totally ignore the teachings of Jesus in the first four books. The modern mega-church sermon is more interested in the accomplishments and wealth of a few Old Testament prophets than the words uttered by Jesus. Of course one could hardly expect an honest presentation of Matt. 6 from a man or woman adorned in a $1500 garment standing on a raised platform surrounded by body guards proclaiming their “anointing” and spiritual gifts.

The average charismoron is more acquainted with Malachi 3(which wasn’t written to them) than Matthew 5 and 6(which was). Sad!

Larry Huch and Paula White are Heretics Part 2

Yesterday I provided a link that shows Larry Huch stating publicly on Paula White Today, that Jesus wasn’t the only begotten Son of God. I didn’t provide my usual commentary because I didn’t want to say something that I would later regret. I must admit that I wasn’t surprised that Huch would believe this; I was shocked that he would say something like this publicly.  Continue reading

Did Jesus Teach This?

 The pimps and pimpettes are clever people. They have used bits and pieces of Scripture to brainwash their sheeple into believing whatever the pimp wants them to. The sheeple are fiercely loyal to their respective fleecer’s  and willingly fork over their funds in order to be “blessed”. The pimps have tricked their unsuspecting sheeple into a belief that Gawd wants them healthy/wealthy and prosperous now. Heaven on Earth now is their mantra. Being poor is a sin and demonstrates a lack of faith. Did Jesus teach this?

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Is Christ Your Foundation?

One thing I’ve noticed is how rarely Jesus gets mentioned by the pimps on their broadcasts, websites, interviews and even the books they claim to have written. Gawd yes. Jesus rarely if ever. What type of spiritual foundation are the sheeple building if they never hear about Jesus? Continue reading