The Saddest Altar Call I’ve Ever Seen!


Anyone who has ever watched a Billy Graham Crusade has witnessed what is commonly referred to as an “altar call”. You know what I’m talking about, right? That endless stream of people walking/running or whatever to the front of the podium supposedly to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

That’s what an altar call is. Billy Graham wasn’t the one that invented it; Anglican ministers were the ones who did that. Charles Finney is the one that made the altar call famous.

The other night I saw a minister utilize the “altar call” and a couple of people responded to his call to accept Jesus yet no one was waiting there to pray with the respondent

The minister brought enough people with him to listen to him preach pray with respondents yet no one stepped forward to do so.

Usually there is someone waiting for the respondent supposedly to “pray with them and welcome them to the Kingdom”.

Sometimes people go forward to have someone pray with them for a very special need and again there is usually someone there to actually pray with them.

In this case the minister stood off to the side smiling while whispering to one of the other guys who led the show   service but neither of them made any attempt to pray with either person.

Did I forget to mention an “altar call” can’t be found in the Good Book?

I’ve been guilty of this before and I’m sure some of you have either called for one or have taken part in one. That doesn’t make it right does it?

Praying with people publicly is biblical (James 5:14-15). If that was the reason for calling folks up there in the first place that would have been a good thing.

Having folks make a public profession of faith is also biblical (Romans 10:9). Neither of the two fellas coming forward made any type of public anything nor were they asked to.

They walked up their alone, knelt down alone, prayed alone and walked back to their seats alone.

Like I said it was a very sad altar call.

I don’t want to get into motives here but some have actually used the “altar call” as a sort of census or way to count how many folks got “saved” while they preached.

I can’t say that was the case here but I can’t say it wasn’t either.

Did I mention these altar calls aren’t in the Good Book?

I want to be generous and say the minister had the very best intentions when they asked folks to come forward. I’d like to say there may have been some mis-communication between the lead minister and his associate.

I also want a yacht but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

The saddest part of all this is the message it sent. Christianity is meant to be done in community not in a vacuum.

No one from that community embraced either of those two fellas. They didn’t acknowledge them, shake their hand, nothing.

I didn’t pray with them either. That makes me just as culpable as they are.

Like I said it was the saddest altar call I ever saw.

Something that made me happy this week was recording Calvin’s Corner with my friend Pastor Michael Newnham. This week Michaels Minnesota Vikings beat my New York Jets in the first ever Calvin’s Corner Bowl, we talked about how we as Christians should respond to former Baltimore Raven Running Back Ray Rice, feuding over Eschatology and much more. I’ll leave the player below or you can use the link just above the player to download the program to your portable listening device.



Calvin’s Corner #12: Finding Reconciliation in Ferguson Missouri

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Pastor Michael Newnham and Phil Naessens talk about Michaels book Make Your Own Application in the process of becoming an audio book, the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the guys discuss what they feel is the greatest threat to the American Church.




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The Sam Frost Interview!

On this edition of the What Color is the Sky in Their World Podcast I’m joined by Mr. Sam Frost of Reign of Christ Ministries. Sam is a former Full or Hyper Preterist and will share the details about how he fell into the heresy as well as what brought him out of this mainly internet driven movement.

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It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a wet Wednesday here in beautiful Corfu Greece. The forecast is light rain for the entire day which means a day off around here. We’ve been hitting it fairly hard the last few days so a day without tennis might be a good thing.

One of my pet peeves is the stealing of another’s intellectual property. I especially don’t like it when it happens to me. Recently the weirdo stalker decided to copy and claim as his own The Antithesis Hour. The reason I left the show was because of the weirdo’s obsession with me. Continue reading

New Podcast! Dorothy Anderson Returns To Oz!!!

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast I address Dorothy Anderson’s return to Hyper Preterism. In 2008 she began writing articles for this site addressing Hyper Preterism in which she referred to HP as “Oz”. Sadly for her in 2010 she returned to “Oz”. I will be addressing her history here as well as examine some statements she has made since returning to HP.

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dorothy anderson returns to oz

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Dorothy’s return to Oz statement can be read in its entirety here.

Correction: Yannick Noah won the French Open in 1983 and not 1984 as I stated on the podcast. I apologize for the mistake.

What is a Heretic and How Do We Deal With These People?

We hear the word “heretic” brought up quite a bit these days. Sometimes folks using this word don’t really know what the definition of the word is or even how to use it. More importantly some who use this term have failed to listen to this clear statement on how to deal with heretics from Paul to Titus; Continue reading

Good Character Is A Necessity For Leadership in Christ’s Church!

One good thing about scandal is that it produces questions. This newest scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long is no exception. Ralph has made the following statement that I would like to take the time to address. Ralph stated;

“If you can’t live it, don’t preach it. If anything you are discrediting the very thing you preach.”

In this case the fear is that if someone can’t live it than they would be discrediting the very thing they preach which hopefully is about Christ. If I could edit Ralph’s statement a bit I would say something like;

If you can’t live it than you than you have no business preaching and teaching anyone in the first place.

That sounds rather harsh Continue reading

Wells Without Water! New Theology Today Video!

Well, I finally got off my butt and made a video. I hope you all enjoy it! I’d also like to invite you to visit the new Theology Today blog. After months of posting issues with WordPress I changed over this past week. You can view the site here. I’ll still be keeping this site up but this will most likely be the last new posting for this site.

Where did all the Elders Go? by Boyd Miller




As a matter of confession, I grew up in a Cumberland Presbyterian church. My dad was an elder in the church and took his position seriously. It was a small church in a remote part of the county, about 6 miles from the nearest settlement. We couldn’t afford a full time pastor, nor found the need for one, so we had preacher/teachers. The forty or so people who attended and supported the church paid about $100 dollars for expenses to the speaker for Sunday morning and evening services. It was a custom that the preacher and his family was always invited to eat and stay with one of the elders every Sunday on a regular rotation. Continue reading

Hyper-Preterism for Dummies by Dorothy Anderson

Editors Note: Dorothy Anderson returned to the heresy of Full/Hyper Preterism in 2010.


I thought it might be time to take a moment here and tell folks just what hyper-preterists believe. I know this is new to many of you so I’m keeping it short.


Well, there are lots of garden varieties, but this is a pretty uniform statement but don’t be surprised to see some argue they don’t believe ALL these things. Beyond their eschatology, there hasn’t been a real cohesive system put in place – by that I mean no clear role for the Church, marriage, etc. I think you get the picture. Continue reading