Facebook False Teacher Alert: Kirk Bookmyer UPDATE 3/15/2011

UPDATE: I’ve added an excellent video prior to the article from RT-SS. Please take the time to watch this video.

UPDATE 3/17/2011 The video I linked to and mentioned in the last update has been removed and replaced by 3 “clarification videos” that I will link to in the comments section of this blog post.

I knew at some point I would have to begin highlighting the false teachers found on Facebook, and add a new category called Facebook False Teachers. After receiving the following warning regarding one of these rogues from my friends at Reformed Theology-Sola Scriptura I figured today would be as good as any to begin. After the jump check out what the folks at RT have compiled in regards to Kirk Bookmyer.

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The Antithesis Hour 1/19/2011

On this weeks The Antithesis Hour, Michael Loomis and I continue to discuss the resurrection of the dead.

Right click the link below and press “save as” to download this program.

The Antithesis Hour 1-20-2011

Some Questions for Former and Current Believers in Full Preterism

The ongoing discussions regarding Full Preterism has been interesting to say the least. Clearly Full Preterism isn’t your garden variety eschatological belief system. I’ve been dying to ask those that either currently adhere to this belief system or have walked away from Full Preterism a few questions if I may…… Continue reading

So, Where is the New Heaven and New Earth if all was fulfilled in 70 A.D.?


Recently we’ve been discussing the subject of Eschatology which is the study of last things. For those of you new to the site we are specifically examining Full Preterism, an eschatological belief that all prophecies were fulfilled on or about A.D. 70. I must say the discussions have been interesting to say the least however there are things that FP’s believe that I just can’t seem to grasp in the light of Scripture….. Continue reading

Return From Oz by Dorothy Anderson

Editors Note: Dorothy Anderson returned to the heresy of Full/Hyper Preterism in 2010.

As I mentioned earlier in my posts, I left the full preterist movement and today I’m presenting the first of a series of articles on why I left, what full preterism professes, how they get people to embrace their system, and what’s so unorthodox about it. No promises on the timing of these articles. They will come forth when I’m ready to do so. Continue reading