It’s Wednesday!!!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday here in Corfu Greece. It’s going to be sunny and 70 today. That’s a good thing for us at the Phil Naessens Tennis Academy. Today is a full day with adults and boarding students in the morning and local juniors and boarding students in the afternoon followed by more adult students in the evening!

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Did Jesus Teach This?

 The pimps and pimpettes are clever people. They have used bits and pieces of Scripture to brainwash their sheeple into believing whatever the pimp wants them to. The sheeple are fiercely loyal to their respective fleecer’s  and willingly fork over their funds in order to be “blessed”. The pimps have tricked their unsuspecting sheeple into a belief that Gawd wants them healthy/wealthy and prosperous now. Heaven on Earth now is their mantra. Being poor is a sin and demonstrates a lack of faith. Did Jesus teach this?

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