The Doctrine of Irresistible Grace

This week on the What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast Pastor Michael Newnham and I continue our series on Calvinism and our topic tonight is Irresistible Grace…

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The debate I mentioned between Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown can be found here.

How Do You Handle An Angry Arminianist?

This is simply too funny. Or sad. I’m not sure at this point. I guess it all depends on how you look at these things…….

Believe me when I tell you this; this type of depiction occurs nearly everywhere you look and it isn’t just limited to the Calvinist/Arminian debate either. Continue reading

The Antithesis Hour 1/19/2011

On this weeks The Antithesis Hour, Michael Loomis and I continue to discuss the resurrection of the dead.

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The Antithesis Hour 1-20-2011

Should We Be Nice Guys in Matters of Doctrine?

I saw this posting this morning and it’s short and sweet and to the point. I’m not going to link to this site but will publish it in its entirety and maybe interact with it and allow you to interact with it as well.

“For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”

That’s right. All you have to do to go straight to eternal punishment after a life of religion is to fail to stand for biblical doctrine. So, just be nice and make sure everybody likes you.

While the article might be true and I say might because not everyone who is nice towards others is hell bound. If that were the case than Paul’s words to Timothy were blasphemous. Continue reading


Dr. Kenneth Talbot has agreed to publically debate Mr. Roderick Edwards for misrepresenting the Reformed doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” and replacing it with the doctrine of “Sola Ecclesia” which is revealed in his written mantra of “2000 years of church history cannot be wrong.” Just like the Roman Catholic Church in the time of the Reformation who challenged the Reformers with chanting the same mantra as Edwards, “1500 years of church history cannot be wrong.” Dr. Talbot will oppose the system of theology held by Mr. Edwards who has taken up the cause of Rome in propagating a false doctrine and promoting the cause of an apostate religion.

Thus we have a debate like unto Luther or Calvin (Talbot) and Eck & Rome (Edwards). Below are the affirmations of the two candidates.

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Did Jesus Rise From The Dead -Dr.Bart Ehrman Vs Dr. William Lane Craig Debate

We’ve been talking about debates the last couple of weeks around here so I thought I would show you what a “real” debate looks like. Please enjoy this amazing debate between Dr. Bart Ehrman and Dr. William Lane Craig as they make their cases as to whether or not there is historical proof that Jesus was raised from the dead. Continue reading