Calvin’s Corner #01: Mark Driscoll, Adrian Peterson, Abuse and Biblical Restoration

Calvins Corner LogoWe’ve all seen the evidence against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll. Pastor Michael Newnham and syndicated radio host Phil Naessens approach both of these situations involving abuse in a Christian manner including how do we restore Christians caught up in scandalous endeavors.


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The Essentials of Christianity and the Creeds

This week Pastor Michael Newnham and I answer some mail from the listening audience and the look at how the essentials of Christianity can be found in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

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New Podcast: The Phoenix Preacher Interview!

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast I’m joined by the Phoenix Preacher Pastor Michael Newnham. Topics of discussion include; Blogging, The ODM Community, Calvinism, Mexico and Jerry Lee Lewis…..

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Show Notes

My Ken Silva troll story can be read at the link below;

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New Podcast: Love One Another

On this weeks podcast I exposit 1 Corinthians 13 “on the fly”. Right click the link below and select “save as” to download the program to a portable device or simply double click the link to listen from an on site audio player.

Is This A Fair Assessment of Modern Day Christianity?

Sunrise from my villa!

I saw the following entry on a Yahoo group list and thought re-publishing it here would be a good way to kick off the week. I could have written this myself and it could have been written about me as well. I’m sure many of you reading this could say the same. Continue reading

A Return to Historical Christianity: Expel the Wicked Man From Among You

Today I continue the series A Return to Historic Christianity by teaching how important it is to expel unrepentant professing brothers from the assembly using the example of Roderick Edwards.

Are The Muslims Taking Over The World? by Dorothy Anderson

Here are some fallacies I see in this review.

1 – To make this work, it must equate Christianity to physical birth and not conversions.  Christianity is still well above Islam in conversions.  AND Christian population is at 31% world wide and Islam is only 20%.

2 – While Islam is growing in some areas, it is found that 2nd generation Muslims that immigrate become less devout – not more – as they absorb into the culture.

3 – Also those who become apostate Muslims do not report because they are to be killed.  They usually chose silence.

4 – Also in Muslim countries, religion is governed by civil law.

Any thoughts here?