Calvin’s Corner #11: What is Election and Predestination?

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Pastor Michael Newnham and Phil Naessens talk NFL Football, the joys and sorrows of blogging, Election, Predestination plus more great Christian talk on this weeks Calvin’s Corner.



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New Podcast: The Phoenix Preacher Interview!

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast I’m joined by the Phoenix Preacher Pastor Michael Newnham. Topics of discussion include; Blogging, The ODM Community, Calvinism, Mexico and Jerry Lee Lewis…..

To listen to the program on this site please click the link provided below. To save this program to your portable device please right click the link provided below and select “save as”….

Show Notes

My Ken Silva troll story can be read at the link below;

For more information about Mexico, please see the following links;

Charles Bowden on The War Next Door:

Links to many Bowden Interviews:

Videos of El Pastor…in his hand made asylum in Juarez:

Michael Newnham on Juarez, Mexico, and Immigration Issues:

Why Are You Picking On Christian Bloggers Phil Naessens?????????

This morning I opened up my email account and discovered the following mail sent by someone who obviously doesn’t understand how serious open unrepentant sin is in the life of a professing brother or sister in Christ or how it’s supposed to be dealt with. The subject line of the mail read;

Why are you picking on the Christian bloggers Phil Naessens??????????? Continue reading

The Consequences of Irresponsible Blogging

One the 15th of February, 2010 Terre Brown, a member of Water of Life Church in Plano Texas whose pastor is none other the Doyle Davidson, offered this note on her FaceBook account; (source)

Terre Brown: Deception by David Norris and Steve Lumbley has been Exposed Continue reading

The Anonymous Finger Pointing Four


When I began this blog I used the pseudonym Phillyflash….at the time it sounded like a good idea…then one day a kindly Christian man emailed and chastised me for pointing fingers “anonymously”…..What my friend said made sense…and I started adding my real name to my posts…. Continue reading

Don’t Hate The Player Hate The Game

I own and teach at a tennis academy…’s challenging rewarding and pays the bills. Sometimes I hear one of my students say “I hate so n so” usually after “so n so” just thrashed them. My response to them is “Don’t hate the player hate the game”. During the last few weeks I’ve seen quite a bit of “Player hating” towards others in the comment boxes on not only this one but on dozens of others…. Continue reading