Church Team Ministries International Exposed: Part 1

Today we begin the expose’ of Church Team Ministries International by examining statements made by Mr. Miki Hardy in a two hour interview with Devi Sankaree Govender of the TV show Carte Blanche (online source). This interview was recorded by CTMI and will be the basis for this entire series. Please listen to the 3 minute clip below then after the jump I will test these statements.

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The Apostle Business by Boyd Miller

I recently had a very lively discussion with an apostle worshiper about whether apostles exist today or not. Most of these folks hang their belief on Ephesians 4:11 and in my opinion are nothing more than man-chasers. My position is that the office of apostle passed away in the first century along with the signs and wonders(at least God’s signs and wonders), however to be consistent, then the other offices/titles listed in 4:11 must have passed away too.

So here’s the question for you theologians and bible scholars. If you believe that the office of apostle has passed away, how do you justify the other offices?

Just Google It??

A few weeks ago, a man by the name of Justin, who claims on his website to be speaking for God, visited here and made some derogatory statements about my blog and about me personally. He left a link to his site so I decided to check it out. From a general perusal, it became obvious that he was a baby Christian and a highly confused one at that. What we’ll do today is look at a couple of blogs from his site and then expose the root of Justin’s confusion…..  Continue reading

Do Genuine Apostles Exist Today?

From time to time we get people that visit this site who claim to be members of the clergy, but we’ve never had anyone claiming to be an “Apostle”. Well, that all changed the other day as I was criticized by a man claiming the title of “Apostle”. I like this because it gives us all an opportunity to examine the Scriptures to see if the office of Apostle still exists today or is this just another baseless self appointed title that men and even some women give themselves in order to gain some form of credibility within the Body of Christ.



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