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  1. My family and I have ordered the water pitchers, filters and many other products from morningside. Yes some of the items we waited a couple of months BUT we have received everything. I have enjoyed every item. I bought my New Century Bible on lnline from Christian books and have no problems with it. It is the same Bible that Jim is offering. I love the translation makes for easey reading and understanding. Stop wagging your tongues. Shame on all of you. Theres always something you can gleen from the Word that is being given. If your heart is pure God will be faithful to you and give you a word no matter what the speaker or Jim is saying. God will honor your desire to seek after Him. Am praying for all of you with wagging tongues.

    • I agree with you, Marilyn. First, I don’t give to get tokens from any ministry – I give to GOD. If we do that, then God blesses our gifts. If that gift is mismanaged – then that’s between God and JB (or whomever). However, if I do learn that a ministry is not on the up and up – then it becomes my responsibility to be a good steward of what God has blessed me with. This does bear close scrutiny.

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