Comment Policy

Due to recent events Boyd and I have decided to enact a comment policy for those of you wishing to comment.

The three dirty words you can’t say at Theology Today are;




Please don’t make an accusation about someone without valid proof of what you are saying.

Opinions about issues are one thing. Opinions about people are another. The former is fine the latter is strictly forbidden and will get your comment deleted.

We will be adding to this when necessary.

Thanks and happy commenting.

Boyd Miller and Phil Naessens


11 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Boyd and Phil – So, do you guys posture yourselves as Fundamentalists, No spiritual gifts and stuff like that. How many people have e-mailed you and thanked you for saving them from these heretics that are wolves in sheep clothing. By what standard do you measure “heretic”??

    What redeeming value has there been in shooting down these heretics?

    Incidently, I identify myself as a Fundamentalist, Evangelical, Charasmatic, Word of Faith, Torah observant Hebraic Believer. I am sure you can find something in there to criticize.

    I have seen real Apologists, they know the pro and the con. Now, this is the first time on your site, and first impressions are sometimes lasting. So, I see you pulling down, but have not investigated how much teaching you have to illuminate and edify.

    I’ll come back and look at your “Classic Apologetics” resources.

    • Hi Jack,

      How are ya?

      I would have have to say I’ve had plenty of people who have written and thanked me. In fact one did so publicly during the Todd Bentley mess which was picked up by dozens of blogs. You can search this site yourself for that posting.

      “Classic Apologetics” aren’t my resources but please do check out the site.

      As for the rest of your questions you can search the site for the answers.

      Thanks Jack,


  2. Jack,

    I identify myself as a Christian, a disciple of Christ Jesus. The teachers of Word-Faith are ignorant blind guides. Simony and babbling have no place in the church of Christ Jesus.

  3. I respectfully disgree with your policy. What about Matthew 18:15-17 about making make an accusation about someone before it is turth or not?

  4. The truth can always stand a thorough and honest investigation. It also should stand up to all kinds of slander etc, etc. Have you heard the man’s testimony and that of his family? In fact the truth will remain when every thing else falls around it. Jesus is that truth. Jesus’ disciples saw a fellow who was casting out demons in Jesus name but not actually with Jesus and the twelve. They told Jesus that they had “stopped him because he does not follow us” Jesus replied “Do not forbid, for whoever is not against us is for us. (Lk. 9:49 -51). If Nasir Siddiki is as you suggest, he will fall. Peter spoke to Simon (Acts 8) who wanted to buy the power of God with money. Peter put the fear of God in the man, telling him his heart was not right with God and that he should repent. If N.S is a true follower of Jesus, even if he is off track somewhat, the Good Shepherd will take care of His own. Let us warn one another in all humility speaking the truth in love. But also let us pray for one another that we may be healed, remembering that we too are in constant need of Jesus. Ian.

  5. tbn and all these tv christian channels, have one thing in common, False profhets, follow Walter veiths dvd’s and see how they reveal the anti christ, the pope the church that rides the beast ( world money order) , be very careful, and you must look behind the mask, the Men behind the Masks. we certainly live in interesting times

  6. I do know something about the Jim Bakker show. I know that if you listen really close when he is reading scriptures when selling food, he leaves out the verse before or after that tells you that the Word of God is talking about: faith,is what it is talking about. When he tells you to be prepared for what is too come. He throws it in that God is talking about food. But if you read the verse before or after the one he reads. It is talking to have faith, be prepared for the coming of the Lord. not food. He is using the Word of God to sell food, Have your bible ready and read the scriptures that he is reading and the verses before and after. I know. I am watching the bakker show break the bank with a family member. And no way can I explain to them what is happening. They believe every word that comes out of his mouth. Even though the scriptures are saying differently. Someone needs to do something before this couple is in bad shape. I am watching $500.00 to $1000.00 go out a month to the bakker show for food and all the other things they are selling. And no matter what I show them in the bible that it is different from what he is saying the one person in the family will not listen. I am praying for this man that some day God will open his eyes to the truth of what is happening. And that the bakker show will be stopped before a lot of good people have lots to eat but no place to live.

  7. I too know Jim Bakker (nothing about Lori). I was the Illinois State Director of PTL Prison Ministries. I met Jim several times in Ft. Mill SC (Hertiage USA). I donated 1000.00 several times for a stay at the “grand hotel”, which I never got. I have always loved Jim Bakker as a brother in the Lord, but his tatics and his “fundraising” I was totally against. I have seen MS several times, but evertime I turn it on (MS) I go back to the old days at (PTL). It is more selling then ministry. I want to hear what the Lord Jesus Christ, I want to hear that someone has given their heart to the Lord. I still love Jim and Lori, but I would love to see them take a brake seek God and HIS direction. When you start doing what God wants you to do and stop selling him, then and ONLY THEN can he bless you. I have moved on from PTL, years ago, I now reside in Arkansas still in the ministry Ordained Minister still serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Hi Phil, I don’t know anything about you and almost nothing about Jim Bakker as I don’t watch his show or donate money to him nor did I with PTL. I realize this is only a personal anecdotal opinion, based on my own observations and experience, but I currently am renting a beautiful 2 BR Condo here at MS.We were just looking for a place in or near Branson to vacation. I have rented condos not nearly as nice for more than double the price in Galveston and South Padre (We are from Houston). The Fireside Cafe has great food, is clean, and has great prices. The people here have been professional and courteous. I wondered why the comment section appeared to be closed or that no comments are less than a year old. Maybe your commenters and past employees are not like they were. All I can say is the environment is tangibly Christian and the employees have been quite generous. I have been under no compulsion to give money or make donations to anyone. Take it for what you will, but should this facility remain an incredible bargain, I plan on returning and wish I was treated nearly this well other places I vacation.

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