Church Team Ministries International EXPOSED

This page is dedicated to Church Team Ministries International, a controversial group based in the country of Mauritius. They also have affiliates in several other countries including South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA.

On this page you will be able to access each podcast and article hosted here at Theology Today.

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Audio Files


An Interview With Elder Keith Brown of the CTMI Concerned Parents Group1

Interview With Steve Goddard

Interview with Reverend Sean Semple

Interview with Howard Silk

Church Team Ministries International Exposed Series



6 thoughts on “Church Team Ministries International EXPOSED

  1. Dear Phil

    Just to thank you so much for this apportunity! There is so much in my heart and mind on this saga that I am sure I talked too much and over-answered your questions! Thank you for your patience brother!

    And in spite of over talking there was a significant point I left out! The Concerned Parents Group has been criticised by some believers for taking issues between Christians into the open. They argue that press articles exposing CTMI bring Christ’s name into disrepute and hinder the gospel. And “why involve the secular press in Christian issues”? “They will always be biased”.

    Perhaps this is a topic for another debate some time, but suffice it to say here that we attempted to engage privately with our own family and then CTMI leaders for a year before the first press article. When there was not even acknowledgement of receiving a joint letter from parents (and later an appeal from local pastors) we did send a number of further joint letters noting their non response and stating that should this continue we would assume they were ok with us taking matters beyond private engagement. We had no response. So in a sense they gave us permission!

    In this process we were guided by Christ’s instructions in Matthew 18:15-17 where there is a progression from one on one through to truth being made public. In addition, the Apostles letter were read publically and in a number of cases this involved naming names!

    Once again Phil – we are grateful to God that in His providence our paths have crossed!

  2. Yes I can endorse the fact that the CTMI leadership is not inclined to answer appeals for truth in any way.They favour the silent method.I lost my daughter Rachel to this group29 Aug 2008 under bewildering and sad circumstances.She moved out of our home and lived with people in the CTMI that we as a family had known and befriended 25 years previously.My wife and I called them to meet with us and they explained they had a superior Gospel with new apostolic revellation and we need to join them or burn.I digested this claim for 3months concluded it was balony and wrote them a polite letter that remains unanswered.This letter was addressed to all the individuals known to me at that time and not one has acknowleged it.My daughter has gone to Mauritius and is working for CTMI as a teacher at their school at Curepipe.You will understand the need for answers to this action but still they refuse to engage.We remain aggrieved but confident that the one True God will address this matter in His time .Thanks for your interest regards Duncan

    • There is an update on the rape saga. The victim, Catriona, secured support from her husband to contact the perpetrator directly. This is a prominant CTMI elder and her foster father who is guilty of repeated sexual abuse and then rape before and after Catriona’s arranged marriage. The family recently asked The Concerned Parents Group to intervene on their behalf to plead for closure on this long standing issue. Letters to Miki Hardy and his leadership team were ignored.

      She called the perpetartor, mentioned who she was and asked why he had not responded to the recent flurry of communication on the issue. His response was to plead ignorance and forgetfulness. “Please tell me who you are?” A man forgets his foster daughter raised from very young in his home!!!???? And claims he can’t remember the heinous deeds!! (Were there perhaps many others?) Incredulous!!

      She later called again and he eventually agreed to meet but when called to finalise arrangements he handed the phone to his wife saying “tell her i am not here”

      There are recordings of these calls.

      Catriona then called Miki Hardy and asked why it seems that he has not communicated all the correspondence with his guilty elder. Hardy said he was at the airport on the way to Paris and will deal with the matter upon his return. Suffice to say the family have not heard another word.

      The CPG posted this on their forum in response:

      “Thank you so much Catriona for your courage to “voice out”! (What a lovely expression!!)

      It never ceases to amaze me how CTMI members keep churning out propaganda like “I know this man”; “I know his life”; “If it were not for these wonderful leaders I do not know where I would be” when we KNOW and have experienced a very different reality! But on the other hand we know from God’s word the power of the evil one to blind eyes, darken minds and distort perspectives with lies. After all, he is known as the father of lies! No wonder Paul said to the Galatians who were embracing “another gospel” – “Who has BEWITCHED you?”

      Here we have a senior elder in CTMI for many years denying knowledge of what happened with the child he raised in his home for 18 years!!!??? This when we have evidence from witnesses who were in the meetings held and when Miki himself acknowledged the events in his meeting with Catriona’s son.

      Here we also have evidence of obfuscation and avoidance. This forum has furnished the evidence of:

      1. Berean’s meeting with Miki on this issue

      2. The letters sent to Miki by Catriona and her son “Berean” on this issue.

      3. After silence the CPG wrote to CTMI leaders on this issue

      4. After further silence CPG wrote to CTMI members on this issue

      5. And now Catriona has given evidence of direct contact with the perpetrator and yet again with Miki Hardy. (A full four months after the ignored letter from CPG)

      And still no meaningful response!!

      Will the silence continue? Do they really think this very serious unresolved issue is going to go away with glib statements like “I dealt with it”; “Why can’t you forgive?”, “We must forgive and move on like sheep without horns” and a sermon on “Dealing with Sin in the Church” and a whole lot of “amazing” conferences where fawning members and gullible pastors are in wide eyed awe at the Hardy personality cult and media hype.

      God will not be mocked! Catriona and all those who support her will not go away and will not stop asking questions and raising awareness until the perpetrator humbly apologises to the victim with godly sorrow and repentance.

      It remains to be seen how Miki and Audrey deal with this when they return from their stint at Roland Garos where Audrey was seen on TV seated again (like last year) with Mary Pierce.”

  3. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for this spot on and insightful exposure Phil. You describe the manipulation that has blinded our beloved children so accurately it is scary!

    We have all heard from the mouths of our own flesh and blood the very same verses and catch phrases of this wolf in sheeps’s clothing. (“catch the revelation”; “walk the road”; “You will be shaken” etc)

    Thank you for describing us as gracious!! After the grieved family asking us to represent them to CTMI leadership and getting the usual silence (other than Rachel Gillon opening wounds in her parents saying she will have nothing to do with them) and hearing the awful treatement meted out to Claudia’s son in that recorded meeting, being gracious is a new challenge!!

    May God have mercy on so called Christian media, TBN, JOY Magazine, Highway radio; Nuradio for ignoring our warnings and supporting this charade. What has happpened to Christianity today when money speaks louder than truth!!!

    And thank you SonShine FM in Perth and Trans World Radio for investigating and responding professionally and in respect for God’s word.

    God bless you Phil

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