It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a very early Wednesday morning in beautiful Corfu Greece. I just finished recording a great interview for my sports show and figured I may as well write this blog post while my eyes are still open…

When I say early I mean 5am….

The other day someone sent me a message through the tab at the top of the site… simply stated; Continue reading


It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a rather dreary Wednesday morning here in otherwise beautiful Corfu Greece. The weather sucks and one of my favorite places in Corfu is about to shut down for the winter….

Starbucks is closing for the winter on Sunday….

I was never a big fan of Starbucks when I lived in the states. There are just far too many other options and since I’m not much of a coffee drinker hanging out at Starbucks just didn’t make sense…

Pizza Hut and me are a different issue. Back home I would probably not order a pie from there because quite frankly the pies don’t taste that good and there are a plethora of other options available….

McDonalds tastes the same wherever you go and fortunately for me they have a store in Corfu….and it’s open all year long. I prefer In and Out and would rarely if ever cruise into a Mickey D’s…..

Living away from America as long as I have tends to make one start to change their tune so to speak….

Speaking of changing ones tune I’m starting to rethink the entire Tim Tebow sucks campaign and starting to become a believer. I still don’t think he can hit the broadside of a barn but he does know how to win and winning is all that matters in professional sports.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America…..everywhere else is just another work day.

I think tomorrow I will order a XL Meat Lovers Pizza with extra cheese, drink a Lipton iced tea from Starbucks with a couple XL orders of fries from McDonalds while watching a replay of the Jets getting “Tebowed”……

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

It’s Wednesday!

It’s a cold day in beautiful Corfu Greece. It’s been the sort of day where your nose starts running and you can see your breath. It’s also tough to hold onto the racquet but we made it through the morning tennis session as well as the afternoon session and after eight straight hours of tennis here I am!

Happy Hump day everyone!

You know what I like about the game of chess? Most really good players resign when they make a major blunder rather than hanging around wasting their time fighting a lost cause.

You know what else I like about the game of chess? Continue reading

It’s Wednesday!! A Tale of Two Joe’s

It’s a gloomy Wednesday morning here in usually beautiful Corfu Greece. I think it’s going to rain today and I really don’t care if it does.

Joe Frazier died on Monday which made me sad. I still remember watching the “Thrilla in Manilla” and had his corner not thrown in the towel he would have won that legendary fight with Cassius Clay. (source)

I’m sure Joe Paterno is wishing he were dead after his longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky was indicted and charged with over forty counts of felony child abuse. (online video)

What makes matters worse is that Paterno was informed by another assistant that he witnessed Sandusky in a compromising position in the Penn State locker room showers with a naked 10 year old boy.

One Joe loved children and the other one didn’t love them enough to protect them from an alleged pedophile. Continue reading

It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a crisp clear fall morning here in beautiful Corfu Greece and unlike most Wednesday’s Starbucks isn’t open early enough so I’m sitting in the office of the tennis academy that bears my name.

It’s nice to be employed and even better to be self-employed.

On Monday I received a notice from Amazon that a very kind reader sent me a cache of books compatible with my Kindle for PC. One of those books is Walter Isaacson’s autobiography of Steve Jobs and it is a fascinating look at the life of a man many mourned last month after his untimely death due to cancer. Continue reading

It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday in Corfu Greece. The sun is out and it feels like a summer day today. I’m a little tired from the morning session but I thought I had better head on over to the most beautiful Starbucks in the world and get things done.

One of the definitions of insanity is repeating the same things over and over again expecting a different result.

I know professing Christians who fit the above definition to a tee….

The bible tells us that we are to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 3).

The bible also tells us how we are supposed to earnestly contend for the faith (1Peter3:15-16).

There’s also that bit about Continue reading

It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a crisp Wednesday morning in beautiful Corfu Greece. I’m sitting in my usual spot at the most beautiful Starbucks in the world staring out at the Ionian Sea sipping on Lipton iced tea.

It doesn’t get any better than that my friends.

For those of us living in Greece today marks the beginning of a 48 hour National Strike which means there will be a LOT of yelling and screaming, maybe a riot or two and possibly a couple of businesses burned.

And what will all of this ruckus accomplish? Continue reading