Church Team Ministries International and JOY! Magazine

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World Podcast  I’m joined by Mr. Howard Silk and Mr. Keith Brown of the Concerned Parents Group as we discuss Church Team Ministries International and their involvement with Christian media and specifically their involvement with JOY! Magazine.

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Show Notes

Mrs. Erin Georgiou and her false testimony regarding Keith Brown can be found here.


Who Cares What Rob Bell Thinks About Hell, or Anything Else For That Matter

I don’t know about you but I’m sick  and tired of the bloggers talking about Rob Bell and his new book Love Wins. The book isn’t even out yet but that hasn’t stopped silly people from commenting on and in some cases reviewing a book they haven’t even read.

Who cares what Rob Bell thinks about hell or anything else for that matter?

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CTMI Exposed: Miki Hardy’s Manipulations!

The topic of this week’s podcast is Church Team Ministries International, the cult from Mauritius. Today I will be playing some clips from a message Apostle Miki Hardy preached on the opening night of a conference held in Mauritius. Hardy sows the seeds of manipulation into these young people’s minds and listen as I demonstrate how Hardy relies on the parents of these young people to assist him in ruining families.

TBN Africa currently hosts a weekly CTMI program. If this outrages you please sign the comments section of this blog or visit the following links;

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CTMI Exposed Miki Hardy’s Manipulations

The Shrinking New Testament by Boyd Miller

As the charismatic madness has swept the world and infected all the churches, the New Testament has shrunk to only 22 books. Today’s church worshippers begin with the book of Acts and totally ignore the teachings of Jesus in the first four books. The modern mega-church sermon is more interested in the accomplishments and wealth of a few Old Testament prophets than the words uttered by Jesus. Of course one could hardly expect an honest presentation of Matt. 6 from a man or woman adorned in a $1500 garment standing on a raised platform surrounded by body guards proclaiming their “anointing” and spiritual gifts.

The average charismoron is more acquainted with Malachi 3(which wasn’t written to them) than Matthew 5 and 6(which was). Sad!

New Podcast! Brute Beast

This past Tuesday I was a guest on Blog Talk Radio’s The Endtime Tribune. The topic was supposed to be a continuance of their series on Spiritual Warfare and I was asked to share some of my experiences from this blog. Sadly one of this blogs highlighted false teachers got wind of it and raised a ruckus so we decided to make this individual the highlight of the show.

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CTMI EXPOSED PART 2: Catriona’s Testimony

Today I continue with the expose “CTMI Exposed” with a powerful testimony from a lady who was abused and manipulated by CTMI affiliate “Centre Chretien Team” and leader Jean-Claude Lajeunesse.  After the jump read “Catriona’s” chilling testimony……(source) Continue reading