Robert Begnaud Exposed Again!!!

I don’t like bullies. Never did. I don’t like liars either. I don’t like thieves. Today I will re-introduce you to a “Christian” man who is a bully, a liar and a thief who thinks its hunky dory to be all three. I sent the following email to this “Christian” after discovering he had stolen … Continue reading Robert Begnaud Exposed Again!!!

Robert Begnaud Emphatically Claims; “THEY WANT US DEAD”!

We’ve seen the lies and misrepresentations……..the attempted mind and heart reading…… the blanket condemnations and assumptions…..the horrible hermeneutic and exegetical skills which are nothing more the eisegesis……..his utter dismissal of higher education and his blanket condemnation of those who pursue education whether secular or Christian……….its all in this 23 minute audio INCLUDING Robert Begnaud emphatically … Continue reading Robert Begnaud Emphatically Claims; “THEY WANT US DEAD”!

Robert Begnaud and Fast Food! New episode of the Phil Naessens Show

On this weeks show I finish up the Robert Begnaud expose as well as talk about one of my favorite things….American fast food! Robert Begnaud’s newest article can be found here; Esquire Magazine’s list of the best and worst restaurants in America can be found here;

Nursing a Church Hurt Part 3: Robert Begnaud is at it Again!!

Poor Robert Begnaud……..the self proclaimed “little child of God” is continuing to be dishonest with the facts and in typical Begnaud fashion is attempting to manipulate his readers into believing his “Why is everybody always picking on me” shtick that seems to be a lifestyle choice for this 48 year old “father of a large … Continue reading Nursing a Church Hurt Part 3: Robert Begnaud is at it Again!!

The Truth About Robert J. Begnaud; New Phil Naessens Show

The show was taped on Saturday night prior to my discovery that Mr. Robert J. Begnaud had removed everything from his site…….so at the end of the closing music I’ve added a few thoughts this morning……..the show is at the link below;

New Podcast Available!

On this week’s podcast I discuss Titus 3:1-2 as I continue to examine the “how” we are to expose and correct error. Right click the link below and select “save as” to download the program to a portable device or simply double click the link to listen from an on site audio player. Show … Continue reading New Podcast Available!

The Ninth Commandment:You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

I see so much 9th Commandment breaking it makes me sick. The Internet has made breaking this commandment so much easier, and it needs to stop. I’ve been guilty of it in the past and hopefully have repented of this horrible sin. For those of you who don’t know what the 9th Commandment is; Exodus … Continue reading The Ninth Commandment:You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

Friday Fun

Well, I’m finally in a groove. I’ve got school sorted out, my tennis academy students are either all here or in the process of getting here, the podcast topics are scheduled and being researched and things are picking up around here at Theology Today. Life is good. Boyd sent me the following link yesterday. Apparently … Continue reading Friday Fun

Is He A Hyper Preterist?

I’ve been asked to be a guest on a radio show (I’ll let you know when it’s published) and while doing some research I stumbled across this comment that I would like to address today…… Phil, I’m sure you are seeing the pattern. I noticed how much you source linked so ANYONE can check out … Continue reading Is He A Hyper Preterist?