Divine Revelation or God Told Me…..

I spent twelve years living in Greece and while I encountered many cultural differences that made life interesting one thing that NEVER happened to me was someone telling me “God told me” or “God told me to tell you”.

Divine revelation is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

I’m of the belief that God can do whatever He likes so I usually listen without trying to laugh because you never know, right?

My usual audible response to the “God told me to tell you” is to ask them “why doesn’t He just tell me himself rather than tell you”?

It’s reasonable, right?

Their response is always the same; “It’s because you aren’t listening”.

Hmmmmm. Now that is like a punch in the gut isn’t it?

So, it’s all about testing time for me (1John 4:1). As the text says plainly not all spirits are actually from God no matter what people think or say.

I had one guy always telling me “God told me” and how he “knew” things about, for example, my time in Greece that he couldn’t possibly know because “God told him”.

He never got around to actually telling me so not only did this fella have “divine revelation” but he and God were actually gossiping about me?

His “god” sounds more like Allah than the God of the Bible.

So one day I’m talking with this fella about the Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters and I speculated he might be suffering from appendicitis. He immediately informed me that he “knew that” because “the Lord told me”.

Turns out Waiters was suffering from food poisoning. So either “god didn’t know” or “god lied”. No matter which is of no matter to me because nothing is hidden from the God of the Bible (Hebrews 4:16).

Whether these folks think they are speaking for God or not the moment they claim they received their instructions directly from God Himself, and the instruction, revelation or secret or whatever they’ve conjured up in their mind turns out false they become false prophets.

 Jeremiah 23:16

This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

And there you go. No diagnosis of their mental state necessary. No name calling or calling him out by name on a blog. Stop listening and keep it moving.

Pray too.

We didn’t talk about any of this on this weeks Calvin’s Corner. We did talk about “Deflate Gate”, “Sinners Prayers”, “Altar Calls” and whether either tradition is harmful or whatever. We also talked about the father of such traditions Charles Finney. I’ll leave the player below or you can download the program via the link underneath the player.

[audio http://media.blubrry.com/calvinscorner/archive.org/download/CalvinsCorner20/CalvinsCorner20.mp3]


One thought on “Divine Revelation or God Told Me…..

  1. For those that claim to be Prophets this applies…The Lord was always instructing His Desciples to “go tell Peter this”..”Go tell Paul This”,, etc.,etc. from beginning to end. Jesus Love is a reflection in all His Children that receive his love, know His voice. Love conquers all, man can’t explain anything, if man could, the World wouldn’t be in the shape it is in, Why you need Jesus to Rein in your life. Other than that people are going to go from their own knowledge and pick a part scripture to satisfy their own self knowledge, why Jesus says don’t lean on your own understanding, especially when it comes to matters of God, can’t judge Jesus and what he took to the cross is everything in all of us. It’s over, It’s Finished, people cannot undue what Jesus already took to the Cross, I can’t un live anything he took to the Cross meaning I have to live out whatever he took to the Cross, I can’t un live it, take one stripe away or add one, My life is on the Cross, and I have to live out why? We all do, your living out why!!!..Once you start Living from the Cross you will be enlightened and realize how insignificant mans mind is compared to the mind of God, and then you rest and live out your lif8e. but Love Conquers all…and False Prophets hate Jesus, they are not for Jesus and the Cross..why they are called FALSE Prophets, GET A CLUE!..The Real back to the Future!…I have to live out my life.

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