Review of Bible Software and Online Seminaries

Tonight Pastor Michael Newnham and I review various Bible Software packages and Online Seminaries.

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Links to the various online Seminaries

Fuller Theological Seminary
Reformed Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary
The Gospel Coalition
Dallas Theological Seminary

You can access the various Bible Software packages at the link below;




3 thoughts on “Review of Bible Software and Online Seminaries

  1. I find it interesting that you guys have had such problems with Logos. I’ve been using it for just over a year and I can’t say I’ve found any bugs at all. I did find it slow on my older hardware. I believe that is because the amount of data it is churning through is just so huge. As a programmer I understand the logistical problems of bring massive amounts together at one time. I solved my problems by getting a Solid State drive. While expensive they are much faster than a traditional hard drive.

    Despite all the depth of Logos’ resources if I’m just reading scripture and bouncing around cross-references I still use e-sword. I haven’t found a way to copy and paste scripture in all different ways I can with E-sword. It is better for a quick search as well.

    E-sword is kind of like my shovel and Logos is like big massive but narrow drill. If I need to tunnel in to a passage I take the big lumbering logos, put it in to position and let it do its work.

    I will definitely be checking out some of those online seminary resources.

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