What is Christian Hip Hop Music?

Mr. Jason Bradfield joins me for a very informative and entertaining hour on the subject of Christian Hip Hop music.

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Show Notes and Links

Spiritual Blessings in Christ courtesy of ChristCentric and can be obtained here

Roldan versus Godzilla courtesy of Roldan and can be obtained here.

Shai Linne can be found here


Online Christian Hip Hop Stations



Holy Culture Forums can be found here



7 thoughts on “What is Christian Hip Hop Music?

  1. Two songs are included in the show: Spiritual Blessings in Christ (iTunes) by ChristCentric (website) and Roldan vs Godzilla (SoundClick) by Roldan (website). Both songs used by permission.

    Artists recommended:

    Reform Ordinance – Ricky Roldan, Dennis Roldan, John Howell, John Mark. John Mark aka Amplified has a solo album available on BandCamp that is great! Ricky Roldan’s solo album is coming soon. Jason did an interview with these guys, which can be viewed below.

    ChristCentric – Apologist, Evangel, Israel the Puritan, and Doctrynal.

    Lamp Mode Recordings – Shai Linne, Timothy Brindle, Stephen the Levite, Hazakim, S.O., J’Son.

    HumbleBeast – Braille, Propaganda, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, Xperiment, Alert, Foreknown. This site offers a lot of FREE MUSIC! And it isn’t cheesy stuff.

    Ilect Recordings – Wes Pendleton, Deepspace 5, Dert, muzeONe, the Battery, and many more!


    Life | Doctrine | Music – best forum for sound theological discussion with hiphop heads.

    Holy Culture Radio Forum – Moderation is looser here than at L.D.M., but there are many solid brothers who hang out here. Jason has been a member for around 6 years.

    Sphere of HipHop Forum

    HipHop News / Stores / Videos / Radio Shows:

    Sphere of Hip Hop

    Holy Culture Radio

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