An Interview with Steve Lumbley of Apostasy Watch!

On this podcast Steve Lumbley joins me to discuss his ministry, Joel Osteen, the Faith Movement. Online Christian Fellowship as well as his thoughts about the Texas Rangers!

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3 thoughts on “An Interview with Steve Lumbley of Apostasy Watch!

  1. Phil,

    Great program!!!! Steve has it figured out. I hope alot of people listen and consider what they hear.

  2. Oh, on the baseball thing, Texas had some bad defensive plays in game six that cost them that game. But you have to give it to David Freese, what a performance. Go Cards!!!!!!

  3. I’ve been a part of Steve’s bible study for 5 years, and I praise God for the priveledge of being able to fellowship with he and Bobbie and grow in the knowledge of our Lord. I pray that God would raise up more like Steve who have truly surrendered all for His glory.

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