It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a very early Wednesday morning in beautiful Corfu Greece. I just finished recording a great interview for my sports show and figured I may as well write this blog post while my eyes are still open…

When I say early I mean 5am….

The other day someone sent me a message through the tab at the top of the site… simply stated;

I have info regarding (insert teacher) and I would like you to call them out on your blog…

My reply was….

Why do you need me to call them out? Why don’t you do it yourself?

This person replied the way many do….it was threatening and full of anger simply because I refused to do this persons dirty work.

The individual and their email was a good reminder as to why I don’t involve myself in these messes any longer.

Drama….. Drama…… Drama…….

Years ago calling folks out on a blog seemed like the right thing to do but as I get older, and hopefully wiser, I’ve learned that not much good comes from this sort of stuff.

When was the last time you ever saw a false teacher or someone claiming to be teachers of God’s word ever repent because of a blog?

When was the last time you ever saw someone being called out on a blog due to open unrepentant sin in their lives actually repent?

In most cases these folks only continue to get worse and seem emboldened by all the attention as well as the support they receive from people who feel sorry for the one being seemingly martyred….

The only one who suffers is the blogger…..

Have a great Wednesday everyone!