It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a rather dreary Wednesday morning here in otherwise beautiful Corfu Greece. The weather sucks and one of my favorite places in Corfu is about to shut down for the winter….

Starbucks is closing for the winter on Sunday….

I was never a big fan of Starbucks when I lived in the states. There are just far too many other options and since I’m not much of a coffee drinker hanging out at Starbucks just didn’t make sense…

Pizza Hut and me are a different issue. Back home I would probably not order a pie from there because quite frankly the pies don’t taste that good and there are a plethora of other options available….

McDonalds tastes the same wherever you go and fortunately for me they have a store in Corfu….and it’s open all year long. I prefer In and Out and would rarely if ever cruise into a Mickey D’s…..

Living away from America as long as I have tends to make one start to change their tune so to speak….

Speaking of changing ones tune I’m starting to rethink the entire Tim Tebow sucks campaign and starting to become a believer. I still don’t think he can hit the broadside of a barn but he does know how to win and winning is all that matters in professional sports.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America…..everywhere else is just another work day.

I think tomorrow I will order a XL Meat Lovers Pizza with extra cheese, drink a Lipton iced tea from Starbucks with a couple XL orders of fries from McDonalds while watching a replay of the Jets getting “Tebowed”……

Have a great Wednesday everyone!