It’s Wednesday!

It’s a cold day in beautiful Corfu Greece. It’s been the sort of day where your nose starts running and you can see your breath. It’s also tough to hold onto the racquet but we made it through the morning tennis session as well as the afternoon session and after eight straight hours of tennis here I am!

Happy Hump day everyone!

You know what I like about the game of chess? Most really good players resign when they make a major blunder rather than hanging around wasting their time fighting a lost cause.

You know what else I like about the game of chess? Most really good players stick to the three or four openings they know extremely well rather than open a game with something new or attempt to play a game they know very little about.

I’m sure there’s an application somewhere for someone in those two paragraphs……or not.

You know what I like about Tim Tebow? He doesn’t give a rip about the critics or the jeers from the crowd. He just steps on the field and finds a way to win. If he beats the Jets tomorrow night then IMO the guy is for real and the critics like me will have to shut our mouths.

I really enjoyed the interview I did on Monday with Sam Frost. It’s nice to see someone truly walk away from heresy and I wish him and his family all the best.

The other day someone tried to tell me that the “church” was in trouble. My answer? No. The “church” is fine and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. One problem is the tares are growing alongside the wheat and an even bigger problem is the people that think they’ve been called to eradicate the tares.

The tares we can deal with and the self-appointed weed-whackers we should simply ignore.

One of the sweetest and most decent people I have ever had the privilege to meet now has a blog of her own. When you get the chance please check out Sarah’s blog The Small Rain.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


3 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. Ahhh….you are too kind, Phil!

    8 straight hours of tennis! Yikes! My middle boy has begun saying he wants to play tennis, so we may be starting into another sport in the spring!

    Thanks again for your very kind comment…

  2. Hey Phil,

    Your tares comment caught my attention as I have had a chance to catch up on your podcasts this weekend. Being a practicing agronomist I have always paid special attention to analogies referencing plant material. A weed is defined as “a plant out of place” generally speaking even though that plant my be useful otherwise. An example would be a corn plant growing in your potato patch. The fasinating thing about the term tares to me is according to Strong’s a tare is not just a weed but a false grain. In other words a tare to the untrained eye looks just like a useful grain, but doesn’t bare the proper fruit and will be separated at the harvest.

    I am enjoying your podcasts with Pastor Michael and think that the parable in Matt 13 has some relationship to 2Peter 2 regarding limited atonement, the field being the bought Church.

    You guys are doing a great job.

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