Martin Luther on False Brethren!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been absolutely devouring the work of the reformers. Yesterday I ran across this wisdom filled nugget from Martin Luther…

The greatest and fiercest strife that Christians have, is with false brethren. If a false brother would openly say: I am a Pilate, a Herod, an Annas, that is, if he would put off the name of a believing Christian, and profess himself an open enemy to Christ, then we would patiently endure all the evil he could work upon us. But that such should bear the name of Christians, we cannot and will not endure; this rule and government over the conscience, we divines take properly unto us, and say: It is ours through the Word, we will not suffer ourselves to be bereaved of it, by any means.

(from Luther’s Table-Talk, Chapter 679 PC Study Bible formatted electronic database Copyright © 2003, 2006 Biblesoft, Inc. All rights reserved.)

 Never truer words spoken!


One thought on “Martin Luther on False Brethren!

  1. Wow! Yes indeed! The good monk hits the nail on the head much like those nails on the door at Wittenberg!

    He spoke from bitter experience as can all who have encountered “Bible Based Cults”. When those who are false are so nice and butter would not melt in their mouths and they speak of awesome experiences of God and use scripture liberally its very difficult to convince their followers of their wrong!

    I guess we were warned! “Satan masquerading as an angel of light.” “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing”. “The every elect being deceived”. Galatians being “bewitched” by those promoting a false gospel that was so near but so far!

    May God help us be like Luther! Persevering with resoulution and resilience from God! And always back to the word!

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