Well Done Cavalry Chapel Visalia Board of Directors!

The podcast/interview I produced on Friday has caused quite a reaction both publicly as well as privately. We’ll probably need to do a follow up, if Alex is willing of course. You can read some of the responses here but the one question that many of you are asking me privately is;

How did this happen in the first place?

The Board of Directors of Calvary Chapel Visalia, by refusing to discipline Pastor Bob Grenier the MOMENT they discovered that Grenier hit his son, allowed the following to happen.

Bob Grenier is being publicly humiliated……whether you like him or not this man would have NEVER had his life put on display the way that it has and will continue if his board would have cared enough to sit him down and force him to get his act together.

Pastor Chuck Smith is getting pounded on as well. While he isn’t responsible for what happened in the Grenier home he certainly is in a position to do something about it now and for whatever reason hasn’t. This situation will forever tarnish the reputation of man who has meant so much to so many. Smith should have placed the blame for Alex’s blog where it belongs…..on the board of directors of Calvary Chapel Visalia.

There are plenty of good people within the Calvary Chapel Movement who had nothing whatsoever to do with this situation who are now being lumped in with the bad guys and that isn’t fair to them. While I disagree with my brothers from CC theologically I don’t see them in the same light as I see Bob Grenier, Raul Reis and several others who either are themselves abusers or have looked the other way and said nothing. Thank you once again Calvary Chapel Visalia Board of Directors.

There are some within the CC Movement who tried to bring some sort of reconciliation to this awful situation and have had their names dragged through the mud when things didn’t go the way some folks thought they should. This is unfortunate but once again we have the Calvary Chapel Visalia Board and their moral failure to thank for this.

Alex has a blog where mainly anonymous folks bash anything and everything CC. Sometimes they even turn on Alex like they did here. While that’s the nature of the blogging beast had the Board done their job correctly there wouldn’t be the need for Alex to have that blog in the first place.

The people the Board really let down were Gayle, Alex, Geoff, Paul and Robert Jr. Grenier. This family has been torn a part and their personal business being put out on display for all the world to see. Sons and mothers aren’t speaking. Grandmothers can’t or won’t see their grandchildren. Grandchildren are deprived of one of the most awesome relationships they will ever have and are reduced to praying for someone who seemingly won’t or can’t have anything to do with them.

Congratulations Calvary Chapel Visalia Board of Directors! Bravo! Well Done!

This in no way excuses Bob Grenier nor does it mean that Grenier shouldn’t have or shouldn’t now take public responsibility for using his sons as personal punching bags whenever he needed to blow off steam……and had the Board acted the moment they discovered the abusive nature that Grenier demonstrated towards his children they would have prevented this molehill from becoming a mountain…..

I better stop before I sin……


2 thoughts on “Well Done Cavalry Chapel Visalia Board of Directors!

  1. Just from a family perspective, my “mama and gramma” heart aches for this family. I cannot imagine a woman in her right mind or in a place where she is emotionally “safe”, not having contact with her sons (who want to have contact) and her grandchildren. This is a tragedy in every way.

    I am so sorry for this family and am praying for reconciliation and peace. One day, may God have the glory!

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