Alex Grenier Interview

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast I am joined by Mr. Alex Grenier. Alex is here today to share his story of the physical and mental abuse he claims to have received at the hands of his step- father Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia California.

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3 thoughts on “Alex Grenier Interview

  1. For what it’s worth — Alex is speaking the truth!

    Although I was never literally an “eyewitness” to his physical abuse, I would refer anyone to my original post on his blog under the heading “Calvary Chapel Visalia: Pastor Bob Grenier / abuse and corruption” from July 2, 2010, Post #99.

    I have worked behind the scene in the CCV office with his stepfather, Bob Grenier. I have spent time in the Grenier home. I have led worship at a home fellowship with Bob and Gayle and the Dowds from CCV. I attended a home fellowship for several years with Alex’s grandmother and great-grandmother (right up until the day that Bob ordered them not to have anymore to do with our group – led by one of the CCV elders who had dared to stand up to him.

    Alex’s grandmother Ruth opened up one night in that home fellowship sharing with us that she just couldn’t understand why her daughter would “put up with (Bob)” because he is so “demanding” with her, and so “hard on those boys”. She stopped abruptly and started crying. When she stopped crying, she apologized for “gossiping”, and asked that we just pray for Bob and Gayle and those boys.

    Listen to this interview and KNOW FOR A FACT that it is NOT JUST Alex’s recollection of a few things that may or may not have happened as he describes.

    Still serving Christ in Visalia,


  2. In this position you are mandated to report abuse just a public school teacher, youth leader, pastor, etc. Even a small group setting! Be advised.

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