It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a crisp Wednesday morning in beautiful Corfu Greece. I’m sitting in my usual spot at the most beautiful Starbucks in the world staring out at the Ionian Sea sipping on Lipton iced tea.

It doesn’t get any better than that my friends.

For those of us living in Greece today marks the beginning of a 48 hour National Strike which means there will be a LOT of yelling and screaming, maybe a riot or two and possibly a couple of businesses burned.

And what will all of this ruckus accomplish?

Absolutely nothing that’s what.

Watching the rioters in Athens and elsewhere in Greece is like watching the last two years of this blog in reverse. Lots of yelling and screaming and absolutely nothing got accomplished.

Later this week I will be producing two podcasts that I’m sure will either please some folks or tick off some folks. On Thursday night I will be interviewing Mr. Alex Grenier that I’m certain will tick off lots of folks and on Friday night Pastor Michael Newnham and I will resume our series on Calvinism that I’m certain will bring about some interesting comments and probably tick off a bunch of people as well.

The World Series between the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers begins tonight and boy oh boy I’m excited. I had the awesome opportunity of interviewing the top bloggers of both organizations on my sports show so it will be interesting to see how this series turns out.

My prediction is…..

The Cardinals will win in six games.

Thank God for baseball!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


8 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!!

  1. Phil, LOL. Yes, I’m sure your CC readers/listeners will need ear-muffs. I’ll try to be as diplomatic as I can…which is probably like Greece saying they’ll try to be fiscally responsible 🙂

    See you tomorrow night. I came down with my wife’s cold/flu, maybe it was Chuck Smith’s calling down God’s wrath upon me from the CC Costa Mesa pulpit! 😆

    • Hey,

      Ear muffs? Maybe. But they had better have a box of Kleenex handy as well.

      Rangers in 7 is a good prediction as well but they will have to overcome their lack of a DH if they are to do so. Either way I’m looking forward to a very high scoring series.

      “See” ya tomorrow Dude and take care of that cold/flu!


  2. I disagree with you that nothing got accomplished on this blog for the last two years.
    Not true at all.

    And what fun is there in life if you can’t tick off a few people?

    Stupid colds….I got one too.

  3. So the Starbucks on Corfu is still open? I’ve heard that it has been closed, or at least is shutting down atm.

      • Hmm ok, thanks. You know, I’m looking for a Starbucks Corfu Mug and they seem to be valued pretty high on eBay, as it’s widely perceived that the store has been shut down or is in the middle of it and the mugs are now sold out. Perhaps you can tell me if this is true? Would be very grateful. Cheers.

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