It’s Wednesday!!

It’s another beautiful Wednesday in Corfu Greece and another busy day of tennis, preparing podcasts, setting up interviews and attempting to accomplish other daily chores that always make life interesting.

There just isn’t enough hours in the day is there?

The other day the following comment rolled in;

I’m really quite shocked at how you speak to your subscribers let alone your brothers and sisters in Christ. I too, find it shameful that another Christian can terrorise another in the way that Dr Duncan was. But the lack of love you show in your posts, your aggressive manner and your pride do not reflect the glory of Christ.

I am guilty of judging you here, and I repent of that but I really believe you should review this series of posts and look at what sort of witness you are providing. Because as a first time reader, I am really saddened at this reflection of Christianity.

At first I was ticked off at this guy for singling me out and not saying as much as a peep to Perry Nobles groupies.

I had every intention on telling this guy to stick his comment where the sun doesn’t shine.

How dare this guy base his self righteous judgment of me on only one thread!

And while I fumed over this anonymous guy’s comment I began to realize that he was right about what he said.

I was a poor reflection of Christianity on that thread and probably many others as well.

These groupies wouldn’t know Jesus if He walked into the room and when they Google’d their way into mine I didn’t show them Jesus very well.

Then I was reminded of what I said on last week’s podcast…..something about being the only bible that folks will ever see and I shut down that thread, repented and now it’s time to move on.

Thanks “David”!

Speaking of Perry Noble, Phil Johnson has taken Noble to task regarding some issues and you can read about it here.

The Tampa Bay Rays caught the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals have tied the Atlanta Braves in their respective leagues wild card race. Tonight’s the last night of the regular season and I’m going with the Red Sox and the Cardinals…..

You all have a great Wednesday and be the only bible the world will ever see!


One thought on “It’s Wednesday!!

  1. I live here in Anderson and have heard Perry Noble preach. It is a great church for so many people here. It appeals to those who are not into intellectual pursuits, are competitive in everything from their childrens’ accomplishments to who has the biggest house, shiniest car, etc. Mr. Noble knows his audience and tailors his sermons to them. Though I sound derogatory, I am merely stating that there is a void to fill and he has done that. i don’t know if it is harmful- not my place to say. It’s just the followers of Perry (they talk about him incessantly) are the same people who have to be the best at everything- football teams, churches and watch reality TV in their spare time. I do know Dr Duncan is telling the truth as I witnessed some of it. I love the Bible and the more you dig, the richer it is. Yes, Jesus was a radical but in teaching love, peace and kindness as well as personal accountability in a time of selfishness, greed and violence. I love my minister but don’t talk about him much- more apt to quote God’s Word and our tithes are stretched to cover the social causes we enjoy. New Spring seems to just build things for themselves- the church looks like the Mormon Tabernacle. I know i sound like a judmental jerk in a lot of this but am tired of people being treated badly for disagreeing about Perry. People criticize my church and I don’t feel compelled to get defensive, as everyone is different.

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