It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a crisp Wednesday morning in beautiful Corfu Greece. Autumn came in with a bang thanks to a two day massive wind and rain storm that basically shut down practically everything on the Island.

I think the guy who invented generators had Corfu in mind and if you ask a Greek they’ll more than likely tell you that the generator was invented in Greece!

You do know that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, has its origins in Greece, right?

I know that was a line from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding but in reality some Greeks actually believe this to be the truth.

Greece is a beautiful country and if you ever have the opportunity to visit than I suggest that you do. Plenty of history and the Greeks are the most hospitable people in the entire world. You won’t be disappointed!

Greeks love their culture, their language and their country! They also love their church and if you aren’t a part of the Greek Orthodox Church it would be best not to ever criticize the GOC publicly on their soil.

That’s a big no no….

When I say dare not “publicly criticize” the GOC I don’t mean the leaders of the Church. That happens all the time. What you don’t do is criticize the institution that it represents which in their belief is what Christ died for and criticizing the institution is akin to giving the middle finger to Jesus.

It’s too darn bad a couple people I know who spend their lives  beating up the Body of Christ on Facebook don’t live here 🙂

I better stop right there before I wind up getting into trouble 🙂

Have a great Wednesday everyone!