Slandering John Calvin…..and Other Men of God!

I’ve been spending a great deal of time these last couple of weeks preparing for the Calvinism series with Pastor Michael Newnham. It’s been an interesting and rewarding time reconnecting and re-learning about the life of a man many simply referred to as “The Theologian”.

John Calvin was a man who was loved, admired, revered and respected by Theologians from across the Theological board.

John Calvin was passionate about the Doctrine of Predestination. There were those who felt this doctrine was of the devil and vehemently opposed Calvin.

Some took their opposition of Calvin and Predestination too far and rather than going back to the theological drawing board began a smear campaign designed to impugn the character of this great man of God.

It got nasty my friends.

These few opponents were vicious, cruel and unrelenting. Beaten theologically, they resorted to a smear campaign accusing Calvin of all sorts of despicable acts designed to tarnish Calvin’s character in order to destroy his theological reputation.

It worked and people are still regurgitating these same accusations 500 years later.

The problem?

The accusations against Calvin were untrue.

False accusations are nothing new. The Scribes and Pharisees lied about Jesus. Alexander the Coppersmith lied about Paul. The Arians lied about Athanasius. Jerome Bolsec lied about Calvin…..

And on and on it goes.

Fortunately none of the above occurred during the Internet age. Can you imagine how much damage these miscreants, as well as their disciples, could have done to these men of God?

I’ve seen firsthand how some folks use the Internet to cause much damage… isn’t pretty.

Check out this weekend’s podcast as Michael and I attempt to wade through the garbage and hopefully allow others to see John Calvin in the light of truth and not the darkness of the liars who set out to destroy him.