It’s Wednesday!!

It’s Wednesday here in Corfu Greece and things are starting to get back to normal around here, here being the blog I launched nearly five years ago.

It’s about time!

The break was fantastic and refreshing in more ways than one.

I put some things in my rear view mirror, washed the windshield so I could get a clearer picture of what lies ahead, and prepared myself accordingly.

It’s a good feeling my friends.

Some things haven’t changed……like;


My ire towards anonymous Christian terrorist’s bloggers claiming to be Christian apologists.


My complete disdain towards unaccountable wannabe lone ranger Internet terrorists Christian Apologists.


My utter disgust with the Church is Mystery Babylon/Harlot movement and the majority of its terrorist apostate adherents.


I’m sure there are plenty of terrorists others that tick me off but the above list is enough for now.


I’m just not going to give the terrorists them a platform any longer.


That’s what’s changed.


If an individual or ministries only significance is a little read web page on the World Wide Web than I’m not interested in them.


It’s that simple.


There are bigger fish to fry and better things for us to discuss than those folks…..



I’m really really REALLY looking forward to producing the podcasts on Calvinism with Pastor Michael Newnham. Michael isn’t just deep as an ocean theologically but he has a heart for God’s people.  If anyone is interested in getting a head start on this series I suggest you begin by reading Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. You can obtain it free here.


I’m really really REALLY looking forward to producing podcasts on the topic of the Church with Pastor Saiko Woods. Saiko has an amazing heart for God’s people and a great love for Christ’s church and I’m honored to give him an additional platform for him to preach the Word of God.


There are other podcasts in the works that I’m really really REALLY looking forward to but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.


My sports podcast is doing very well. I’ve been interviewing knowledgeable people on that one to. If anyone is interested here it is.


Well, that’s about all for today.


Have a great Wednesday everyone!