Biblical Accountability and The Requirements for the Office of Elder

On this week’s What Color is the Sky in Their World Podcast I’m joined by Pastor Saiko Woods. We will be discussing Christian Accountability as well as the requirements for the office of Elder/Pastor.

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Show Notes

Pastor Woods is very active in the online as well as offline Christian community . He can be reached at the following links;


3 thoughts on “Biblical Accountability and The Requirements for the Office of Elder

  1. Hey Phil,

    Great discussion! It’s good to hear that pastors like pastor Woods are out there. I would be curious to know if you two think that the office of overseer has changed, or not, since the first century when the qualifications were written and the Bible has become available to the masses and revelation has ceased?

  2. Hi Boyd,

    Personally I don’t believe the office of the overseer has changed at all, at least in terms of qualifications. Overseers still need to be the same type of people and have the same job (feeding the sheep) as back then.

    Feminism and liberalism have changed the way we view the office of overseer and its strict qualifications which is why we need to keep reminding people that those who fail to meet these qualifications shouldn’t be considered “overseers”, at least not how the bible defines it.

    Clear as mud? 🙂


  3. Hey Phil

    Sorry for the poorly worded question! I agree the quailifications haven’t changed nor should they. I just think the office has all but disappeared in the public church and has been replaced by entertainers and teachers who search for some new revelation. During the time Paul was writing these letters the general public were at the mercy of their teacher/overseers however today they can only blame misinformation on their own laziness. In this way I think the office has changed somewhat. In my business as a tech when I make a service call to someone who is having a problem with a piece of equipment the first thing I ask is “Have you read the manual”? The answer is almost always “NO”.


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